No One Can Hire A Surrogate Mother: Says A Proposed Law By The Centre

New Delhi:A�No one can hire a surrogate mother now. The government cleared a new law to this effect today.

There will be no commercial surrogacy, the bill says. That means no one can “rent a womb”.

According to the bill, surrogacy will be permitted only for proven infertility. Only medical expenses will be paid and no payment allowed for carrying the child.

Only close relatives can be surrogates; but who come under “close relatives” is yet to be defined.

Foreigners will not be allowed.A� Earlier the Ministry of External Affairs raised concerns over citizenship, visa and passport issues. Only Indian couples who have been married for at least five years can have children through surrogacy.

The draft bill, intended to protect the rights of surrogate mothers, will be introduced in parliament in the winter session.

No new surrogacy clinic will be allowed hereafter.A� A new board will be set up to monitor the concerned cases.

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