No lessons learnt from Nirbhaya incident

  • Friday rape, yet another shame on Delhi!
  • Justice Varmaa��s recommendations not followed
  • Police are callous, give conduct certificate to rapist
  • Actors changed but attitudes continue be the same

New Delhi, December 8: Atrocities take place on regular basis and nothing is learnt from them. There is no change in the attitude of the police, the politicians, the civil society and the potential victims. The latest shame of Delhi, the rape on the evening of Friday involving a serial rapist, has proved this point beyond doubt. We learn nothing and bemoan every time an atrocity occurs. Then it is life as usual.

Late Justice Varmaa��s recommendations were followed only in their breach. The GPS system is as good as not there. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh made a routine statement in parliament on Monday saying that the perception of the society has to change. The Magistrate Court in Delhi has ordered three-day police remand for Shiv Kumar Yadav who was accused of rape in 2011 also earlier. The DCP of northeast Delhi had given a good conduct certificate to the very same Yadav in August 2014. The rapist was even arrested in 2011. But the police officials were not aware of it. The Uber cab service has been suspended by the Delhi administration for not keeping up the safety norms. Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, promised to bring justice to the victim, a hapless software employee who was returning home after a daya��s work and was raped in the cab.

These developments sound rather familiar. The atrocity that had come to be known as Nirbhaya case, took place on December 16 two years ago and all the actors, though the political parties have changed places, acted the same way as we see them doing today. The media also showed the same degree of anger and anguish. The women groups have exhibited their concern and outrage in the streets of Delhi. The women leaders of all the opposition parties, Brinda Karat et al, were there shouting slogans and giving fiery speeches as they are doing now. It was Manmohan Singh in the seat and today it is Narendra Modi. That seems to be the only difference.

The social media has been engaged in the familiar habit of questioning the victim. Why did the victim of December 16 two years ago have to enter a near-empty bus in the evening even though there was a male companion? Why did she have to go for a party? In the case of Friday atrocity also, the people in the social media questioned the victim for consuming alcohol or getting into a cab and dozing off without taking enough precaution to protect herself. The media also has been giving tips to women who commute in Delhi. They were asked to note down the taxi number and name of the driver and intimate the details to a couple of close friends for safety. Easy to suggest and difficult to practice.

The laws that were streamlined and the measures taken by the administration did not help prevent the shame of Delhi once again. The attitude of men towards women has to undergo a change for the better, after all.

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