No discrimination of “ settlers ”, says KCR

HYDERABAD: In what is being seen as a ‘swift’ move, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said “ settlers ” term will not be used in Telangana besides eschewing any discrimination and “regional” feelings. There will not be any intolerance among Andhra people and those belong to other States, he added.

Addressing a meeting at Kukatpally after inviting some local leaders and activists into the TRS fold here, KCR declared that Telangana will not encourage terms like “settlers” and that provokes regional sentiments. “Soon I will call an important meeting of all people of Andhra Pradesh and other States to avoid any ‘non-local’ feelings and eliminate from their hearts any differences”, he maintained. “I will not hesitate to “remove a spike from the foot of a ‘settler’ (irrespective of the region) with my tooth”, he remarked. “Your grandfathers and fathers came and settled here for decades”, he said, adding that “though born in Medak, I am a Hyderabadi and you are all just like me”, he said.

KCR made it clear that during the course of “statehood movement” some emotional comments and statements might have been made and such a situation will not arise as the government is geared up to provide complete protection to all people. All those staying in Telangana region are Telugu people and my government takes responsibility to protect each of them”, KCR assured. (NSS)

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