No Banking Activity For Four Days From August 12

The banking transactions will not take place from Saturday to Monday, as bankers are getting holidays in a row.

Hyderabad: A�The banks will be closed for four days fromA�SaturdayA�onwards. No, they are not going on a strike, but only that they are fortuitous that they are getting holidays at a row.

WhileA�August 12A�is a secondA�Saturday, 13thA�isA�Sunday, 14thA�is Srikrishna Janmashtami, 15thA�Independence Day. So, banking activities will be stalled.

However, online and digital transactions will continue.

The customers, who have been facing problems with the non-working ATMs and insufficient cash, might face problems. On the other hand, the banks will have a three day holiday from August 25th. While 25thA�is Vinayaka Chaturthi, 26thA�is the fourthA�Saturday,A�and 27thA�isA�Sunday.

So, bankers will be giving rest to the banking transactions for three more days.

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