No AP State Formation Day Again

CM Naidu has been denying the celebration of State Formation Day for the people of AP for the past three years. After bifurcation, he has been holding Nava Nirmana Deeksha from June 2 to 8 to brief people on the unjust bifurcation and this year too he is set to repeat it.

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh is missing its State Formation Day for the third consecutive year. Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu plans to have ‘Nava Nirmana Deeksha’ this time too where he speaks about the unjust bifurcation and makes people to take pledge to work for the development of the State.

The AP has been holding November 1 as the State Formation Day since 1956. In fact, every State in the country has its own Formation Day. But, after 2014 bifurcation Chandrababu Naidu had decided to stop this event. Though there were requests from the Opposition, including the Left to have the AP Formation Day on November 1, the day when AP and Telangana were formed into one in 1956 or opt for October 1, when Andhra State was formed after separation from Madras Presidency in 1953, Chandrababu Naidu did not take the advice. The YSR Congress had declared that it would consider holding the State Formation Day when the party comes to power.

However, Chandrababu Naidu, like in the past two years, had given a plan to block the busy Benz Circle in Vijayawada for the ‘Nava Nirmana Deeksha’ to be held on June 2. The event would continue till June 8, the day he took oath as Chief Minister in 2014. This year, he had decided to have an event on June 8 at Kakinada where he is scheduled to make people to take pledge to work for the development of the State after bifurcation.

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Nandyal By-poll: Will Naidu’s Iftar Help His Party?

TDP chief Naidu had strategically chosen Nandyal for his Iftar party and organized a couple of government programmes with an eye on the impending by-elections. Having lost the party’s strong family to the rival YSR Congress, Naidu is counting on his power to win the elections.

Nandyal: Telugu Desam Party president and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is leaving no stone unturned to wrest the Nandyal Assembly seat in the impending by-election. The Iftar meeting that he had organized in the town on Wednesday is also aimed at winning the voters of the town ahead of the elections. Having lost the strong family of Silpa brothers, the TDP supremo is trying his best to wrest the seat.

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The exit of Silpa Mohan Reddy is a great loss to the TDP in the Kurnool district politics, particularly in Nandyal Assembly constituency. Though Mohan Reddy’s brother Chakrapani Reddy is yet to quit the TDP and join his brother, Naidu is prepared for the best out of the worst. Comparatively, the Bhuma family, after the death of Nagi Reddy, is not so strong and not a match to the Silpa family. Given the present political equations, Naidu will lose the seat to Silpa family, but he is not willing to accept the defeat at this point of time. Being in power, Naidu wants to use every source to give a tough fight and even win the election. The TDP chief is a known poll strategist and can deploy his ministers and leaders to everywhere. There were elections where at least two ministers and two MPs were posted in every mandal to win and he had won.  Even now, in Nandyal, it is his plan to deploy all his leaders and resources to every village to counter the Opposition and win the election.

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However, Silpa brothers are strong and are determined to teach a lesson or two to Chandrababu Naidu through this election. The Iftar or the series of schemes and events and the loads of funds that he is set to shower on Nandyal in the weeks to come will help Naidu to beat the rivals or lose to them is the big question.

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It is now on only Naidu’s strength that the TDP will be fighting the election in the absence of Bhuma Nagi Reddy. It is an admitted fact that either Brahma Reddy or Akhila Priya is no match to the Silpa brothers in the district politics. Now with the YSR Congress, the Silpa family has the added support of the Gangula family, which is lacking for the TDP. The leaders in TDP, including former minister N Md Farooq is yet to come to terms with the party leadership as he is also in the race for the ticket, which Naidu is not considering.

It is now to be seen how Naidu would steer his party to victory in the elections against a formidable opposition while being at the most disadvantageous situation. It is a litmus test to Naidu.

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After Ravi Kiran, Its IYR’s Turn To Face Naidu’s Wrath

The sacking of IYR Krishna Rao is a reflection of intolerance on the part of AP Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu.

Hyderabad: In an unexpected move, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has removed IYR Krishna Rao, Chairman of AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation, for allegedly ‘ forwarding and posting anti-government posts in facebook and other social networking websites’ and making remarks attributing castiest to Naidu and TDP leaders. Rao, a former Chief Secretary, has been in this cabinet-rank post for the past few months. The Chief Minister has not asked Rao for explanation but terminated him ‘unilaterally’ which led to widespread criticism. Rao said he has just forwarded some messages that has reached him.

AP government has recently jailed journalist Inturi Ravi Kiran for allegedly posting anti government items on social media.

One post that Rao has forwarded was related to YSRC chief Jagan’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The sender of the post was ‘Jagannadha Ratha Chakram’, ostensibly a fictitious name. It questioned BJP state leaders’ ‘conspicuous silence’ on Jagan-Modi meet. The caste of the BJP leaders (read Kamma) was also indirectly mentioned. This drew the ire of the whole community and was said to be the final nail in IYR’s issue.

IYR has earlier questioned government’s decision to waive entertainment tax to Balakrishna-starrer Gautami Putra Satakarni. He has also asked why govt granted permission to theatres to screen additional shows of SS Rajamouli’s Bahubali-2.

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Naidu’s Loss Is Jagan’s Gain in Kurnool

Former minister Silpa Mohan Reddy’s exit is set to cause major loss to the ruling TDP in the Kurnool politics. On the other side, his entry into YSR Congress is all set to strengthen the hands of Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in the days to come, particularly in the by-election to the Nandyal Assembly seat.

Nandyal: The politics of Andhra Pradesh, particularly the Kurnool district, are set for a major change with former minister Silpa Mohan Reddy changing the party. Mohan Reddy’s exist is set to have a greater adverse impact on the ruling Telugu Desam Party, while it is set to be an advantage to the Opposition YSR Congress headed by Jagan Mohan Reddy. Ahead of the by-elections to the Nandyala Assembly constituency, the polarization has all the potential to reverse the fortunes of the TDP in the district. Besides the strength of the respective political parties, the Silpa family has its own strength that would help in deciding on the victory in the elections.

Silpa Mohan Reddy, who has been a strong contender for the Nandyal Assembly seat following the death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy, finally gave a major jolt to the TDP. He had given a sort of warning to the TDP chief to give him the party ticket for the by-election failing which he would contest on the YSR Congress ticket. Living up to his warnings, he had quit the TDP and joined the YSR Congress indicating that the parties in Kurnool are at his mercy. Naidu, who tried to pacify the Silpa brothers failed to keep Mohan Reddy with him as he is also under equal pressure from the Bhuma family, who claim rights over the Nandyal seat.

Bhuma Nagi Reddy’s daughter and Minister for Tourism, Akhila Priya is mounting pressure on the Chief Minister to give the seat to her family as the tradition goes where the members of the deceased family are considered for the by-election in the case of the death of a sitting member. Locked between the two warring families of Silpa and Bhuma, the TDP chief had failed to take a decision leading to the exit of Mohan Reddy.

The entry of Mohan Reddy had turned out to be an added advantage to the YSR Congress which is now growing strong even after the defection of the Bhuma family. The party had already gained an upper hand with the entry of the Gangula family in the district and now the entry of Silpa family had kept the YSR Congress on the top of the TDP in terms of the strength. There is also a split in the Bhuma family with Brahmananda Reddy backing the YSR Congress and thus the developments have put the YSR Congress in advantage.

Having lost Mohan Reddy, the TDP chief is looking at MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy, who might switch over his loyalties in the days to come. Sources in the TDP say that Chakrapani Reddy was promised to be made the Chairman of the Legislative Council following the retirement of A Chakrapani on May 31. However, Chandrababu Naidu had given this post to Reddi Subrahmanyam giving a shock to the Silpa family. It is now to be seen how long Chakrapani would sail with the TDP in the fast changing political scenario.

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    […] exit of Silpa Mohan Reddy is a great loss to the TDP in the Kurnool district politics, particularly in Nandyal Assembly […]

  2. June 30, 2017

    […] that they would the by-election and if they don’t win, they would give up politics. Opposition Silpa Mohan Reddy accepted the challenge. In this context, the by-election became more […]

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Deepak Reddy Sacked

AP MLC Deepak Reddy, who was arrested by Hyderabad police for his involvement in land scam in the city, was suspended from the party by AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu.

Amaravati: As the image of the party is getting tarnished due to various allegations regarding land scams, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu took a crucial decision. He had sacked AP MLC Deepak Reddy who was arrested in Hyderabad land scam case. The opposition parties in AP attacked Naidu as his MLC got arrested in the land scam. As there was pressure on him to expel Deepak from the party, Naidu is said to have taken this decision.

Incidentally, Deepak Reddy is the nephew of Tadipatri MLA JC Prabhakar Reddy. There are allegations that he illegally occupied lands in Hyderabad. Recently he was arrested. In the TDP coordination committee meeting that took place in the chief minister’s residence, a decision was taken to suspend Deepak Reddy. Party sources said that there was a discussion about Ganta Srinavas Rao also.

Sources said that Naidu warned both Ganta and Ayyannapatrudu not to bicker in public. He is said to have told them that such open criticism would only become a headline ache to the party. It was also decided by Naidu to form a three-member committee to resolve the disputes between them.

Along with it, a discussion was also held about selecting the candidate for Nandhyal by-election.

Meanwhile, political observers say that only time will prove how much effect do Naidu’s warning have on the warring ministers.

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Attitude Of CMs Of Telugu States Angers Governor

While both States are resolving issues in meetings with the Governor, they are remaining on paper. The Governor is said to be angry with this attitude and questioning why they are failing in implementation.

Hyderabad: Even three years after bifurcation of the State, many issues between the two Telugu States are not resolved. As Governor ESL Narasimhan maintains good relations with chief ministers of two States, he is continued for the third term also. There are some vexing problems which need to be settled between two States. As a well-wisher of both CMs, Narasimhan volunteered to strike a compromise between them, in a bid to resolve the issues.

However, it is being said that he is angry with the attitude of chief ministers of two Telugu States with regard to implementation part of the decisions taken during meetings.

As no State is implementing decisions made, the Governor is said to be expressing anger. Sources reveal that he is not only expressing dissatisfaction but also finding fault with CMs of both Telugu States. He made it clear that unless both the Chief Ministers come to him for the resolution of bifurcation issues, he would not volunteer to resolve them. He is also questioning why both governments are not taking the implementation of decisions made during the meetings with Governor.

Apart from the existing problems, it is said that he is angry with the way both governments are dealing with the power dues issue. Letters and counter letters were fired and the decision was taken independently to stop the power supply. In this context, he is refusing to meet with the ministers’ committee.

The Telangana State Government passed a resolution last January seeking the custody of buildings that are under AP in the Hyderabad Secretariat. As it needed the Governor’s nod for this, it has sent the resolution to the government. The Governor personally sent a message to the AP government. It was decided that the committee of ministers should attend to resolve the issue. In this context, they reached consensus on 42 issues. But the implementation part was not taken up.

Particularly, it was decided that the both States CMDs should discuss and resolve the issue basing on reports, no action is being taken.

Sources said that Governor decided not to meet ministerial committees unless both chief ministers meet or involve in any issue.

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Diwakar Reddy Bats For Second Term For Naidu

TDP MP J C Diwakar Reddy wants a second term for CM Naidu in the next elections. He expressed fears over election of Jagan as CM and asserted that only Naidu can solve the post-bifurcation problems.

Ananthapur: Telugu Desam MP J C Diwakar Reddy, who is known for making sensational statements very frequently, was at it again on Friday when he addressed a meeting organized to mark the launching of the “Eruvaka,” the beginning of the agriculture season at Rayadurgam in Ananthapur district.

Diwakar Reddy said that the State was pushed into several problems including the revenue deficit after the bifurcation. The State had to resolve all the issues on priority to set the administration and development on the track, he said and added that it was possible only for Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. He claimed that Naidu was doing a great job balancing both welfare and development in the State during the last three years of the post-bifurcation period. He further claimed that it was possible only for Chandrababu Naidu to address all these issues and resolve the post-bifurcation crisis.

The controversial MP said that Chandrababu Naidu was developing the State with his commitment, dedication and clear vision. He asserted the need to give Chandrababu Naidu another term in the 2019 elections to continue the development and rescue the State from the present crisis.

Diwakar Reddy expressed fears over the future of the State if Chandrababu Naidu was defeated and Jagan Mohan Reddy was elected. He said that the State would get ruined if Jagan Mohan Reddy was elected as Chief Minister and cautioned the people not to back the YSR Congress chief in the next elections.

The MP said that the State has to build its own capital, complete the prestigious Polavaram Project and rescue the State from the revenue deficit, besides continuing the welfare programme and developmental activities. All this was possible only for Chandrababu Naidu, he asserted.

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Naidu Attacks Rahul, Blames Cong For Bifurcation

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu lambasted Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for trying to arouse emotions of the people by promising to grant Special Category Status instead of saying sorry for bifurcating the State.

Amaravathi: A day after Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on special category status for Andhra Pradesh in Guntur, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu attacked him saying that Congress was responsible for bifurcation of the State.

It was reported that Naidu speaking on the fourth day of Nava Nirmana Deeksha criticised Congress that instead of saying sorry to the people of Andhra Pradesh for the unethical bifurcation, it is trying to play with sentiments in the name Special Status.

He defended his government’s decision to settle for the special package announced by the Centre.

During his visit to AP, Rahul promised SCS to Andhra Pradesh if his party is voted to power in the 2019 Assembly elections. Naidu accused the Congress of stoking emotions.

Alleging that Congress which did not take any measures to ensure legality for the SCs, he said that Congress was now utilising the topic for its own interest.

Incidentally, Congress did not gain much in either Andhra Pradesh or Telangana after bifurcation, though it is the party which is responsible for it. In Telangana, people gave all the credit to Telangana Rashtra Samithi, while in AP people were angry with Congress for bifurcating the State. In fact, Congress government promised special status to Andhra Pradesh for five years during the debate on Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill in Parliament.

Even during the 2014 elections, both the parties, BJP and TDP, had promised the special status for 10 years.

After BJP came to power, the Centre ruled out special status, citing a report of the 14th Finance Commission.

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Movement Picks Up For Swaraj Maidan In Vijayawada

People from all walks of life, including all political parties except the ruling combine, have decided to protest in order to protect the historical Swaraj Maidan, the lung space for Vijayawada city.

Amaravati: As the government proposes to hand over the historical Swaraj Maidan, the public place in the city, to a China company for developing it into a City Square, people of cross sections of the society have decided to oppose the move. They have decided to hold a protest on June 9 to register their opposition and their resentment to the proposal.

Speaking at a round table meet organized by the Vijayawada Tax Payers Association, former minister and former MP, Vadde Sobhanadreeswara Rao, came down heavily on the government for taking away the historical ground from the people of the city and giving it to a foreign company. He said that the people were against the proposal and they want the ground to be left for the public use. It was not right on the part of the government to take away the land from the people and give it to a private company to make money out of it. He said that the ground had long history of hosting several important political meetings even during the freedom movement. The ground was also being used for exhibitions for entertainment and education through book exhibition for more than 25 years, he said and wanted the government to leave it to the people for their use.

He said that the government would face humiliating defeat if the ground is privatized against the wishes of the people. He said Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu would face defeat if he continued to ignore peoples’ opinion and tried to hand over the ground to the China company. He made an appeal to the people of the city to raise their voice against privatization of the ground and ensure that the government withdrew the proposal.

Former MLAs and Congress leader Malladi Vishnu and YSRCP leader Vellampalli Srinivas, who attended the meeting condemned the State government’s move to privatise the popular public open space. They took exception to the government for preventing people from using the ground.

CPI city secretary Donepudi Shankar, CPI-M leaders Ch Babu Rao and Donepudi Kasinath, Tax Payers Association president V Sambi Reddy and general secretary M V Anjaneyulu and others spoke against privatization of the Swaraj Maidan.

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Nava Nirmana Deeksha On June 3, Naidu Plans Week-long Events

AP CM kept the week busy with his Nava Nirmana Deeksha planned from June 2, the day of bifurcation of the State. The week-long event that starts at the Benz Center in Vijayawada would end at Kakinada on June 8, the day when Naidu assumed charge as CM.

Amaravati: Keeping the bifurcation issue alive, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, had decided to continue the week-long activities of Nava Nirmana Deeksha starting from June 2, the bifurcation day. He starts the event with his speech on the bifurcation and the injustice done to the people on June 2, 2014. The government had blocked the busiest Benz Circle in Vijayawada for the event, where it was held in the last two years. For this, the police have already diverted the national highway traffic without touching Vijayawada to keep the Benz Circle free for the event.

The week-long event involves Chief Minister and all his Cabinet colleagues besides the senior bureaucrats and Heads of Departments explaining to the people various departments, success stories and their achievement during the last three years. The Chief Minister would deal with his pet subjects of IT, electricity, Amaravati and other issues on which the government would release statements and open it for people to debate.

Chandrababu Naidu would give a pledge to the people on June 8 at Kakinada this time rededicating themselves for the development of the State in what he calls the adverse situations after the bifurcation. He is set to take the role of the Congress in the bifurcation and the role of the YSR Congress in the post-bifurcation and asking people to back him and his vision for the State.

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An ‘All Important Political Resolution’ Missing In Mahanadu

The 3-day Mahanadu ended without important political issue being discussed. The foot-soldiers went back to their homes without their opinion on political developments heard.

Visakhapatnam: The three-day Mahanadu of the ruling Telugu Desam Party drew to a close on Monday on a grand note. Heavily laden with speeches, the grass roots left for their home towns, having soaked in the sweat for at least two days in the sultry coastal weather.

The Mahanadu formally re-elected Chandrababu Naidu as the party’s national president for a second consecutive term. The meeting was a huge success in terms of turnout which principally constituted the foot soldiers of the party.

However, it is generally expected that a political organisation whose mass base is spread across two States and whose role in the national politics is significant, will have a political resolution on the current political situation and on a likely or unlikely political alliance in the upcoming elections in 2019, particularly with its present ally BJP.

The overseer of Mahanadu activities Ganta Srinivasa Rao stated, just a day before the start of the meeting, an all-important political resolution would be taken up on the third day. His statement remained a damp squib with nothing such significant development taking place on the concluding day. The resolution, contrary to the expectations of political observers, extended support to the PM’s proposed simultaneous elections, praised setting up of Niti Aayog and welcomed GST, among other issues.

It is expected that the issue of alliance with BJP would come up for discussion in Mahanadu following BJP’s national president Amith Shah’s visit to AP. The TDP supremo is well aware of the fact that Shah’s visit was aimed at strengthening the BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

Earlier in the month, Naidu’s arch rival Jagan Mohan Reddy met Modi and announced his support to the BJP’s presidential probable, taking TDP unawares. Modi’s appointment to Jagan raised suspicions about the political alliance between TDP and BJP in the State. The rumours that did rounds went to the extent that Modi will go in with YSRCP. Whether or not he will do so is a different matter altogether, but the placards displayed before the party supremo Amit Shah at Mahasammelan in Vijayawada clearly pointed to the dissent in the State unit of BJP over alliance with Telugu Desam. The BJP members exhibited their wish to sever ties with TDP in order for their party to get strengthened in the State.

Incidentally, the BJP national president told journalists in an informal chat on Sunday( just a day before Mahanadu was to take up an all-important political resolution )that a decision regarding the alliance between the BJP and the TDP would only be made just two months ahead of the 2019 polls.

Considering these developments, it was expected that a debate would take place in Mahanadu leading to adopting a resolution that it would be ready to sever ties with BJP, if it tilts towards YSRCP. Naidu, as always, remained quiet and eventually preferred to toe the same line that Shah adopted. He opted for continuing friendly ties with BJP despite a steadily growing dissent in BJP over tie-up with TDP. Sans a concrete resolution on the matter, the issue of alliance with its not-so-good friend was appeared to have been left to the discretion of the party’s supremo.

On the other hand, the TDP stepped up its criticism against Jagan as if to check any effort by BJP to have a tie-up with YSRCP. Party’s fledgling leader Nara Lokesh described Jagan as ‘Dongabbai’ (thief) in his address at Mahanadu. He charged Jagan with obstructing development in the State.

This being so, the three-day event was boasted by the party chief as the one which would forever remain in history. Other than bragging about the various schemes he took up and is taking up, lauding NTR as a legendary politician and a thespian and finally getting formally elected as the national president of the party, Naidu did not promote a much-needed discussion in Mahanadu on the issues of political importance. The speeches in support of resolutions centred round Chandrababu Naidu and his vision. As a critic remarked, a public meeting would have been suffice for revealing government schemes rather than a Mahanadu where in lower rung leaders and cadre were expected to have their voice heard  on all-important matters. After all, it is the idea behind holding an annual or biennial conference or a plenary be it TDP or any political organisation.

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Naidu Assures Reservations To Kapus

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu assured the agitated Kapu community that they would be granted reservations without hurting the interests of BCs.

Visakhapatnam: Telugu Desam national president and Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu announced his resolve to grant reservations to Kapus without causing any damage to the Backward Castes’ quota. As soon as Manjunatha Commission submits its report, the government would finalise reservations amicable to all, he assured on the third day of Mahanadu on Monday in Visakhapatnam while summing up a discussion on welfare policies being implemented to various sections of the people of AP. Chandrababu Naidu maintained that it was his responsibility to ensure no social group was politically oppressed and subjected to discrimination.

As for technological advancement, Naidu said life was made easy with the kind of applications (mobile) smart phones unfolded. He urged all the people to buy smart phones that would immensely help them in finding immediate solutions to their problems. He envisaged digital classrooms in government schools, drones for surveillance of reservoirs and other water bodies, sensors for weather forecasting, pocket cameras for police and apps to advise farmers as to which crop is beneficial to them in that particular season. Referring to Delhi CM Kejriwal, he attributed social media for his becoming the CM of Delhi for the first time. He lost in the subsequent election since he lacked originality, he observed. “Telugu Desam has originality and the ability use social media,” he felt.

‘Drones May Be Used For Transporting Bombs’

“For fear of being used for transporting bombs through drones, I limit the use of drones to government services only,” he said in a lighter vein. While laying emphasis on employing technology in all the fields, he issued a word of caution to the cadre. “Personal touch plays as much important role as that of technology. One must keep this in mind,” he said.

Police need to get rid of their old practice of using rough language with people. Police will be given miniature cameras which can be fastened to their shirts. Every conversation would be recorded, even that of complainant, he said in another light-hearted moment.

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Naidu’s Friends in BJP Get Isolated, As Foes Take Lead

It looks like BJP has made up its mind to sever ties with the TDP in the State, if not immediately. The anti-Chandrababu Naidu leaders in BJP have finally gained an upper hand over his backers with the visit of Amit Shah to the State.

Amaravati: The honeymoon between the BJP and the TDP in Andhra Pradesh is set to come to an end sooner or later. If not in 2017, it is for sure in the first half of the 2018, as the leaders feel that sooner the ties break the better. The BJP national president Amit Shah’s visit to the State had finally given an upper hand to the Chandrababu Naidu’s critics in the BJP to gain an upper hand over Naidu’s friends, who have been cementing the BJP-TDP alliance right from the beginning. The force with which Naidu’s critics have presented an argument against the alliance seems to have impressed Amit Shah who, after reaching Delhi, admitted the strong desire among the cadre and leaders to break the alliance with the TDP.

The Naidu baiters have placed two arguments before Amit Shah to justify their demand for breaking the alliance – the alliance has become a hurdle for BJP to expand and the falling graph of Naidu in the last three years. Though former Union Minister Kavuri Sambasiva Rao took the lead to give voice to Naidu’s critics, a large number of leaders were seen with him. At one point of time, it appeared as if Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu and BJP State unit president Kambhampati Haribabu are the only leaders in the AP BJP supporting the TDP-BJP alliance while the rest are against it and want the break-up to happen immediately.

The anti-Chandrababu Naidu camp believes, as already claimed by Kavuri Sambasiva Rao, that the expansion of BJP while being an ally of the TDP is not possible as there is no reason for any leader who opposes TDP to join the BJP. They have also found that the TDP leaders at the grassroots were not allowing the BJP leaders to conduct the membership drive. So, for both the reasons, they want the party to snap ties with the TDP.

The leaders also see a huge gap between the ruling TDP and the Opposition YSR Congress in the State. The leaders see that Chandrababu Naidu’s image is fading out slowly but the image of Jagan Mohan Reddy is not improving either. They see the gap in the State politics where the BJP wants to take advantage and it is possible only if the party drops the TDP and stands alone.

Interestingly, appearing to have been convinced by these arguments, Amit Shah admitted to have seen the popular demand to ‘Leave TDP and Save BJP’ in Andhra Pradesh. This admission, according to the party sources, would turn into a reality once the Presidential elections are over. The BJP leadership in Delhi too is waiting for the prestigious Presidential election, which is scheduled in July, to be over.

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Mahanadu: Naidu Says Telugus Should Remember Him

Annual event of Telugu Desam Party – Mahanadu- kicked off in Visakhapatnam amid a lot of fanfare. Naidu has listed his achievements in Hyderabad and promised to do wonders in Amaravati.

Visakhapatnam:  The annual three-day event of the Telugu Desam Party – Mahanadu kicked off here on Saturday amid a lot of fanfare. The event organised at Andhra University Engineering College premises will conclude on Monday. The ruling party made extensive arrangements for the cadre and leaders.  A number of people attended the event beating the heat.

Speaking on the occasion, the party supremo and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu called upon the cadre to work to fulfil the aims of NTR. He said that people come first and then the next place is for the cadre.  Saying that he is one person whom the Telugu people should remember, he asserted that he is following NTR’s footsteps to develop Andhra Pradesh.

He said that a resolution will be passed demanding Bharata Ratna for NTR.

“The UPA government only promised special status to AP instead giving it a legal status. The present government at Centre though did not promise special status, it assured all facilities applicable to special status, so I’ve compromised with Centre,” Naidu explained the cadre. For the sake of development of the State, I’ve invited many US companies to AP for creating jobs for the youth, he added.

He said that many people suspected his intentions when he built the high-tech city, Naidu claimed that the present development in Hyderabad is due to his efforts.  He said that he put in a lot of efforts for development of IT sector.  He also claimed that it is Telugu Desam which laid the foundation for the income that Hyderabad is presently earning.

Telugu Desam Party gave a lot of importance to the field of education, he observed. As a result of this, both Telugu States are much ahead of others as far as education is concerned, he added.  Apart from this, TDP also gave importance to irrigation projects in Rayalaseema and Telangana, Naidu said.

After the State was bifurcated Andhra Pradesh received 45 awards at the national level, he said. The power sector got 19 awards, he added. However, he said that AP is much behind as far as per capita income is concerned, Naidu regretted.  While Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu are earning more income, Andhra Pradesh has is getting less, he explained.  There is a need to work hard to develop ourselves, he told the cadre.

Claiming that farmers have surrendered ₹ 40,000 crores worth of lands to the government, trusting him and his call for construction of the capital city, he affirmed that he would do anything to retain their trust.

Naidu declared that he would work to increase the income of farmers. Saying that he understood the problems of poor during his Padayatra, he claimed that loan waiver was implemented for farmers in a big way to avoid suicides of farmers.  He also claimed that crop insurance and support price is being given to farmers despite many problems.

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Unlike KCR, Naidu Tries To Befriend Amit Shah

TS Chief Minister KCR had openly criticised BJP chief Amit Shah for his tall claims about Central funds to the State, while AP CM Naidu extended olive branch and offered lunch.

Amaravati: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao ( KCR) had fired a salvo at BJP national president Amit Shah even before the latter completed his three-day tour in the State. KCR raised objections to the claims of the BJP chief on Central assistance given to the TS government and even dared to quit his office if the claims were proved. He further claimed that the Central government had given to the State what was due for the State and nothing more had come.

He tried to tear the BJP into pieces for Shah’s visit and the tricks that the party had played for political mileage including hosting of lunch for the Dalits. By targeting Shah, the TS Chief Minister had won the hearts of the people both in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as well.

But, in less than 24 hours, AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had extended an olive branch to Shah. Interestingly, Naidu who was in Hyderabad attending the TDP’s Telangana Mahanadu stayed back in the night only to accompany Shah to Andhra Pradesh in the morning. Though Naidu could have come back to Amaravati by a chartered flight in the night, his usual way of travel, he opted to stay back and accompany Shah to Andhra Pradesh, which did not go well with the leaders of both the TDP and the BJP.

Amit Shah had during his earlier meeting in Rajamahendravaram claimed that the Center had given more than ₹ 1.45 lakh crore to the State. He is set to make even greater claims in his party workers meeting scheduled to be held this evening. But, Naidu, unlike KCR, is not prepared for an showdown  with the BJP chief. He is also understood to be not ready to allow his party leaders to raise any objections to the claims of the BJP on extending financial support to the State.

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Kavuri Scratches As Naidu Patches Up With BJP

Senior leader Kavuri Sambasiva Rao argued against continuation of alliance with the TDP in AP while Chief Minister Naidu tried to cement the relations at least for the next two years.

Amaravati: It was a day of excitement for the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Telugu Desam Party in the State on Thursday as heads of the two parties met over lunch. BJP national chief Amit Shah and TDP national president N Chandrababu Naidu met over lunch here and had talks for more than an hour. Union Ministers M Venkaiah Naidu and Suresh Prabhu, besides BJP State president K Haribabu represented the BJP, Union Minister Y S Chowdary and AP unit president K Kala Venkata Rao represented the TDP.

In the light of high voltage debate over the breakup of the alliance between the two parties, the two leaders held talks on the merits and demerits of continuing the alliance for the next two years. The BJP leadership is under heavy pressure from the local leaders, except Venkaiah Naidu and Haribabu, to break the alliance and give the BJP a chance to grow in the State. Senior leader Kavuri Sambasiva Rao, met Amit Shah ahead of the lunch meeting and complained to him about the falling graph of the TDP in the State. “I have explained in detail to the party chief about the falling image of the TDP in the State. It would have an adverse impact on the BJP if the relationship continued,” Kavuri said.

Kavuri further told media persons that the corruption level in the State government had crossed the bench mark set by late Y S Rajasekhar Reddy and it was not good for the BJP to continue the alliance. “If we call YSR regime as the most corrupt, we are seeing even greater corrupt dispensation now,” he said. He found fault with the functioning of the Janma Bhoomi committees in the village level and said that these committees were deciding the beneficiaries for the State and the Central welfare schemes. “The BJP has no role in ensuring the welfare programmes for the people at the grassroots,” Kavuri complained, emphasising the need to break the alliance with the TDP. He also said that the Opposition YSR Congress is not growing in the State and felt that the BJP had the better chances if it is separated from the TDP.

Meanwhile, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu had done his best to cement the relationship with the BJP. He joined Amit Shah in Hyderabad and reached Vijayawada in the same flight where he had enough time to brief Shah on the political compulsions because of which the two parties have to remain alliance partners. Naidu had also discounted the statements of the BJP and the TDP leaders against the alliance and felt that the decision has to be taken by the party presidents. The TDP chief had reportedly promised to give due representation to the BJP leaders in all committees and nominated posts to keep the alliance stronger.

However, it is said that Amit Shah had listened to both the sides and remained silent. He did not make any comments on the submissions by the TDP and the BJP leaders on the alliance.

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Padma Rao Writes To President Complaining Against Closure Of Schools

Dalit leader Kathi Padma Rao wrote a letter to President seeking his intervention in the AP Government’s proposal to close over 9,000 schools in the rural areas.

Amaravati: Dalit leader and Navyandhra Party founder Kathi Padma Rao wrote a letter to President Pranab Mukherjee drawing his attention to the AP government’s move to close more than 9,000 schools in the rural areas. He termed it total violation of the Constitution by denying the right of the rural people for education.

Padma Rao said that the government had issued GO 29 proposing rationalisation of government schools. This would mean that the government would merge several schools taking into consideration the strength of the students, he said. The merger would mean closure of some schools, he said. He alleged that the government wanted to bring down the number of schools in the rural areas only to force people to go to the private schools, which have been fleecing them in the name of fee.

The Navyandhra Party leader said that Dr Ambedkar had ensured right to education for the people and the successive governments have established schools in every village. The government schools right from the primary to the high levels have been located close to the people in the villages with the shortest possible journey. The governments have also established welfare hostels for the students to stay in hostels and complete their education, he said. However, the Telugu Desam government headed by N Chandrababu Naidu had proposed closure of several welfare hostels and schools in the name of rationalisation. Several hostels were already closed as some of them were turned into residential schools. Thus thousands of students have lost their right to education after the closure of the hostels, he said.

Now, the government had proposed closure of schools taking away education from the reach of the poor, particularly those in the rural areas, Padma Rao added. He appealed to the President to intervene and direct the AP government to withdraw the GO and continue the existing schools. He wanted the President to protect the right of the people of Andhra Pradesh by preventing the government from closing the schools.

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Mudragada Nails Chandrababu’s Malicious Politics


  • Dashes off a strongly-worded open letter 

Amaravati: Former minister and Kapu movement champion Mudragada Padmanabham, had dashed off yet another open letter to Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu giving him a warning on the movement and exposing the malicious politics that the latter had indulged in his career. The Kapu leader also cautioned the Chief Minister saying that he is not so soft as he was in the past to hit him. “I am not a corrupt leader like you. I don’t have a dark criminal background like you. I am not a liar like you. I am not a power-monger like you to throw chappals on father-in-law causing him depression and death,” Mudragada Padmanabham said in his open letter to the Chief Minister.

Mudragada had packed his three page open letter with full of punches and sarcasm. He concluded the letter with lyrics of an old song that said: “Sitting somewhere away, you are writing our fate here. You made us puppets in your hands and having fun.”

Padmanabham tried to expose the malicious politics of Chandrababu Naidu wherein the latter tried to get the copies of the budget papers stolen and made an issue. “I am not a power-monger like you. I am not a corrupt leader like you. I don’t have dark criminal nature like you. I have never humiliated father-in-law like you did to N T Rama Rao. I am a simple and small man fighting for our just right,” he said.

He alleged that Chandrababu Naidu was trying to demoralise him by clamping prohibitory orders whenever he planned any agitation. However, he said he would not succumb to these political games and asserted that he would fight back. Claiming that he had denied or resigned to the political posts on several occasions, he nailed Chandrababu Naidu for stooping down to any level to protect his power.

He dragged senior IPS office A B Venkateswara Rao as playing a key role in the TDP politics and wondered how Chandrababu Naidu could use and misuse people.  He also dared the government to order for probe into any irregularity that he had committed during his tenure as Minister, MLA and MP, even in the undivided State.

While alleging that Chandrababu Naidu is a castiest to the core, Mudragada found fault with him for branding him as casteist while he was fighting for the rights of the Kapus. He ridiculed Chandrababu’s criticism of meeting some film stars and wanted to know why Chandrababu Naidu himself had begged before another film star before the 2014 elections if seeking their support was wrong.

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APJF Delegation Meets Chandrababu

Amaravati: A delegation of the Andhra Pradesh Journalists Forum (APJF) met Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturdayand requested him to take up welfare initiatives for the journalists community.

Marking the valedictory of the two-day State plenary of the APJF, its president Chevula Krishnanjaneyulu, general secretary Marella Vamsikrishna, led the delegation to the Chief Minister. The delegation requested the Chief Minister to allocate funds for the journalists welfare fund. They also requested the Chief Minister to extend welfare programmes to the journalists as majority of them are poor and backward. They thanked the Chief Minister for extending insurance scheme for the journalists under the Chandranna Bhima.

The Chief Minister congratulated the APJF leaders for successfully holding the two-day plenary session in the new capital. He wanted the journalists to be proactive in promoting the State interests.

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Andhra No 1 In Corruption: AP CM’s Slip Of Tongue

Amaravati: In the entire country Andhra Pradesh ranks No 1 in corruption as well as development. These are the words uttered by none other than Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in Assembly on Monday.

Opposition leader Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy lashed out at AP CM for his unpredictable and false claims on the welfare expenditure. Reacting to this during his reply to the debate on the motion of thanks to Governor’s address, Naidu made these comments by the slip of tongue due the emotion while countering Jagan.

YS Jagan quoted report of National Council For Applied Economic Research (NCAER) which put AP on top in corruption. During Jagan’s speech, mike was switched off which irked YSRCP MLAs. who rushed to podium and demanded that their leader’s mike be restored.

Reacting to the noisy demands by the opposition, Naidu used some strong words against opposition leader. “In the entire country, AP stands first in Corruption and development which the opposition cannot foil,” Chandrababu said.

People of AP, who are watching live telecast heard the words used by Naidu. It has become a topic of discussion.

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Online Petition Against AP CM To SC CJ, Request For Prosecution

Hyderabad: Its not at all working well for AP CM Chandrababu Naidu these days. After SC issued notice in Vote for Note case, now an online signatures agitation was started by an IT, Thirumal Prasad Patil in website.

The petitioner requested Supreme Court that an impartial investigation should go on in this case and culprits should face the law of the land.

He further added that Telangana ACB mentioned Chandra babu Naidu’s name several times in its charge sheet which suspects CM’s involvement in the case.

It has become unexceptional in our society that rich and powerful sections are easily escaping from the clutches of law which doesn’t look good for our democracy, he stated in his letter.AP CM Chandrababu Nadu was accused in many cases, but courts had given stay without going for further investigation,Patil said.

Patil received more than 4500 signatures supporting this petition within 24 hours. This online petition was addressed to the Chief Justice of SC High Court Judge Jagdish Singh Khehar and to other judges

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