Niveda’s No To Be Pawan’s Sister

Pawan Kalyan is simultaneously working for three films. Beside ‘Kaatamarayudu’, he signed one movie with Trivikram and another with Tamil director Nisan.

‘Vedaalam’, a Tamil hit starring Ajit, is being remade in Telugu with Pawan playing the hero. Famous producer MM Ratnam is producing this film. This is at post- production stage. An actor who was introduced to Bollywood recently was rumoured as acting in the role of Pawan Kalyan’s sister. But she said they are nothing but rumours. Let us see the details.

Niveda Thomas did her arangetrum in Tollywood with a movie in which she paired with Nani. She stole the hearts of Telugu film fans with her abundant talent in ‘Gentleman’. Recently there was a talk that she was acting in a movie starring Pawan Kalyan. Generally heroines don’t react to rumour but Niveda had to respond.

Rumours were making rounds that Niveda Thomas is going to appear in the role of Pavan’s sister. Pavan is remaking the Kollywood hit ‘Vedaalam’. Tamil director RT Nesan is directing the movie which revolves around the role of sister with high level action orientation. The talk was that the high profile role of a sister is being played by Niveda. That was why she had to make it absolutely clear that she is not going to act in the role of Pawan Kalyan’s sister.

This act of Niveda gave a clarity to her close circle as well as her admirers. After Niveda’s statement, the guess game started about the actor who is going to appear as Pawan Kalyan’s sister. As far as Niveda is concerned, she is doing a film with Nani. Debut director Siva is working for the film.

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