Nitish Refuses To Pacify Senior Colleague Sharad Yadav

Responding to Sharad Yadava��s rebellion against him, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that he was free to go wherever he wanted to, indicating that he would not try to pacify him.

New Delhi: Responding to Sharad Yadava��s open rebellionA�on Thursday, JD (U) Chief Nitish KumarA�on FridayA�responded equally aggressively, instead of pacifying his senior colleague.

a�?He is free to go wherever he wants to,a�? said Nitish, who was in Delhi to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time after the tie up.

Senior leader Sharad Yadav, who was silent before and after the developments taok place, for the first timeA�on FridayA�announced his dissatisfaction about the new alliance in the state and declared that he would go with the grand alliance.A� However, it is being said that his anger stems from the fact that Nitish neither consulted nor informed about tying up with the BJP before it took place.

Meanwhile, Nitish stated that the party has made a decision, and Sharad Yadav should accept it.

The JD (U) reacted to Yadava��s statementA�on ThursdayA�aggressively and warned him to mind his language.

“The political language being used by him is very objectionable and uncomfortable for the party president (Nitish Kumar) and the government (of Bihar),a�? said KC Tyagi, a senior leader of the JD-U. a�?We will ask him to refrain from making a statement which crosses limits.”

It may be recalled that Sharad Yadav, who has been criticizing the BJP and the NDA, was a minister in Vajpayeea��s cabinet and were part of the coalition till 2013.

The JDUa��s national executive meeting will be held on the 19thA�in Patna, for which Yadav might not attend.A� But, he confirmed that he would be attacking the rally organized by Lalu Yadav against Nitish and Prime Minister Modi.

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