Nischal Narayanam of Hyderabad becomes the youngest CA

Lata Jain

Child Prodigy Nischal Narayanam has become the youngest to pass the CA exam and he could achieve this rare feat in the country just being 19 years old. He has to wait for two more years before he enrolls in Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) as a member. One needs to be 21 years of age to enroll in ICAI.

Narayanam had keen interest in the subject from childhood and at the age of 10; he would correct the errors in the fathera��s balance sheet.

lata jain

Lata Jain

Listed in the a�?7 brilliant brains of the world” by the National Geographic Channel,A�he has several awards to his credit at a young age. His keen interest to learn was recognized early in life by his parents, at 8 years he was reciting several Sanskrit slokas and had passed several Sanskrit exams equivalent to a mastera��s degree. At 10, he was the world memory champion among kids, had authored volumes of books on mathematics, and had designed and developed a mathematics laboratory. That year he won his first Guinness World Record by memorizing 225 random objects in just over 12 minutes. He also won another Guinness World Record a�� this time for memorizing 132 digits in just a minute.

Narayanam passed the Cambridge University examination and qualified the basic level exam for becoming a CA in his early teens. At 15, he passed the second level of the CA exam, and became a young entrepreneur to Nischala��s Smart Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd a�� which offers tools to make learning easier.

His mother Padmavathy is a Sanskrit scholar at Osmania University and recognized his talent and interest in numbers at a young age. He received training under experts to hone his skills in mathematics.

Nischal had done his article ship from Deloitte and the youngest amongst their 1.9 lakh members, globally.

Nischal also adds that he studied for 14 hours a day in the month before the exams and five to six hours a day in the months before. a�?I am very happy as it gave immense happiness to my parents,a�? adds the teenager, who likes to work hard instead of resting on the laurels of his records.

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