Newborn Declared Dead Found Alive Before Burial In Telangana

A newborn baby declared dead at a government hospital was found alive just before its burial. Unfortunately, the baby subsequently died while undergoing treatment.

Warangal: In a clear case of gross negligence at government hospitals, a newborn baby declared dead by doctors in Warangal City of Telangana was found alive just before it was being buried on Sunday.

As the doctors at MGM Hospital in Warangal had declared their newborn dead, wailing parents left the hospital taking the baby for burial. When the parents and relatives were preparing for the last rites of the newborn, one of them found the baby twitching. The parents rushed it again to the hospital for treatment. After a few hours treatment, the baby, however, died and was a�?again declared deada�?.

Responding as to how such a grave mistake could be made, doctors tried covering up saying the ECG machine at the hospital was not working.

Just last month, a similar incident had occurred in the national capital of Delhi. The maternity ward attendants at Safdarjung Hospital told Shanti and her husband Rohit that their baby was stillborn. The nursing staff sealed the boya��s body in a box and gave it to the father.

When Rohit opened the pack to take a last look at his son before the final rites, he felt signs of life in its body. However, this baby too died after surviving for 30 hours.

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