New nursery rules to protect farmers from spurious seed, seedlings

Hyderabad: Telangana Agriculture Secretary Parthasarathi has released an official note stating that the government was keen on protecting farmers from not only spurious seed but also seedlings.

Parthasarathy stated the State Government had issued an order on Sunday stating new nursery rules, 2017 to regulate the spurious seedlings which cause loss of time and money for the farmer. He also said in the State 165,466 hectare of chilly and vegetables cultivation was being taken up, for this area 1,342 crore seedlings are required. To prevent supply of spurious seedlings, New Nursery Rules 2017 are framed, he said.

The Nursery Act, 2010 was passed in 2010 for which the AP Registration of Horticulture Nurseries (Regulation) Rules 2012 were framed which mainly concentrated on production of fruit plants. Due to the supply of seedlings grown from spurious seed of horticultural crops especially spices (chilly and vegetable crops) to the farmers by the nursery men, huge financial losses are being caused to the farming community. Now the changes are proposed to include transplanted seedlings of all horticultural crops in the existing rules.

The new rules mainly focus on the infrastructure required for production of the healthy and pests & disease free seedlings. They insist on source of seed, Bill details, lot number, batch number, details of seed testing along with relevant documents, date of packing, date of expiry, date of sowing, date of sale of vegetables/ spices, flowers, medicinal and aromatic and ornamental crops and seedlings. The nursery men, who violate the Nursery Rules, 2017 will be punished with a penalty of Rs 50,000 or one year imprisonment or both. -NSS

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