New GO on unclaimed bodies

Hyderabad:A�The State government has permitted the commissioner and special officer, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) to cremate the unclaimed dead bodies lying in different government hospitals through any NGO at a�?Nallavagu Smashana Vatikaa�? at Chandrayangutta after taking prior permission from concerned assistant medical officer of health.

The government issued a fresh GO amending earlier GOs and asked the GHMC to pay Rs 700 to NGO concerned per dead body towards expenses after production of evidence of cremation. The amendments enabled the GHMC to undertake the cremation of dead bodies in the interest of ensuring public health and conservancy.

The government also framed comprehensive policy guidelines on disposal of unclaimed dead bodies in government hospitals of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation area. Accordingly, the unclaimed body shall be kept in deep freeze in the government mortuaries for making claims up to 72 hours (three days) and inform the police. If not identified within the period (3 Days), a letter shall be issued to GHMC health officers by police officials to dispose of the body under intimation to the HOD’s of Osmania & Gandhi Hospitals.

After the postmortem, the body shall be shifted to puff room and an additional three (3) more days shall be given for establishing the identity of the body. The GHMC also permitted to engage NG0s in case of need if they are engaged in burial or cremation. -NSS

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