All new Facebook Search, a boon for users

  • Find and connect with friends
  • You can share photos and posts
  • You can find things you might have forgotten

(Raghuram Kondubhatla)

Facebook is the only social networking site that is widely used in the world. It holds a lot of valuable information of each individual user. Earlier, it was hard for users to retrieve earlier posts, comments, and recommendations made by friends and family. It was allowing users to search only the information related to people, place and things.

Now, the a�?all new facebook searcha�� allows users to find people and posts that matter the most. In the search text box, just by giving a word or phrase the facebook search filters posts from the whole news feed timeline. Here the old posts can be edited or can be hidden from the timeline. It gets even better by categorizing and filtering the results using artificial intelligence and natural language recognition.

Facebook Search Product Manager Rousseau Kazi said a�?it will be easier to find things you might have forgotten about. Anytime you make it easier to find information thata��s more likely to be seen.a�?

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg said the Artificial Intelligence Lab would put efforts in search and News Feed, and will help network surface more useful information. Later, they would focus on how every person in the world is connected to each other.

Facebook users can learn new stories and experiences by finding posts and photos shared by family and friends. They can also discover new ideas and perspectives with the information they get through their search results. a�?Giving people the ability to quickly tap into what friends are saying about a certain world is pretty powerfula�? said Kazi.

Find and connect with people where ever they are, whether theya��re old friends or new.

Kazi concludes that a�?The grander search vision is we want to give you the ability to tap into the wisdom of your network and the world. This is one step towards that.a�?

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