New CBI Director may be selected today

  • Ranjit Sinha retires today
  • Meeting at PMs residence
  • Mallikarjun Kharge participates in selection process

New Delhi, December, 2: A collegium of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, leader of Congress party in Loksabha, Mallikarjun Kharge and Chief Justice of India HL Dattu will be meeting at Modia��s house to discuss the crucial matter of appointing the new CBI director.

The focus will be on choosing an officer with clean record, especially in view of the various allegations that the previous chief Ranjit Sinha had faced throughout his tenure. He had faced criticism in handling of 2G case, coal scam, Sarada scam and several other cases that CBI handled. In fact Supreme Court reprimanded him and removed him from the investigation of 2G scandal as the court found him mishandling the case based on the evidence that Sinha met many of the accused at his residence. Ranjit Sinha retires today.

The list of probables will be reviewed at the meeting in PMa��s residence. The selection has to be done by PM, Chief Justice and Leader of Opposition. However, with 44 seats Congress does not qualify to lead the opposition. Last week, Parliament cleared the amendment allowing leader of the largest opposition party to take part in the selection.

The list is said to include Kerala Police Chief KS Balasubramaniam, Rajasthan DGP Omendra Bharadwaj and Special Secretary in Home Ministry Prakash Mishra among others.

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  1. December 4, 2014

    […] is interesting to note that Anil Kumar Sinha was brought to the CBI by the outgoing chief Ranjit Sinha. The context was the time at which Ranjit was under a lot of pressure after he allowed the then […]

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