New Bacteria Named After Former President APJ Kalam

A new species of bacteria found on the International Space Station has been named after Abdul Kalam.

California: A new species of bacteria found on the International Space Station by NASAa��s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has been named after the Indian former President Abdul Kalam.

Indian-American Dr. Kasturi Venkateswaran led a team of researchers that identified a new bacteria found only in the space station and they named the newly found one as Solibacillus Kalamii.

Venkateswaran is from Tamil Nadu and is fully aware of Abdul Kalama��s contributions in space research.

The newly found rod-shaped bacteria was a�?isolated from an high-efficient particulate arrestance or HEPA filter in the International Space Station, and was characterized by polyphasic taxonomy,a�? according to the Microbiology society.

The artificial life support system in space station is dependent on distribution ventilation system that contains HEPA filters to remove the suspended particulate from the cabin atmosphere. The strain of bacteria was found in such HEPA filters installed at the International Space Station.

The discovery proves that new bacteria can inhabit in a closed life-support system orbiting around the Earth. The bacteria are not found on Earth, but the bacteria are found to be similar to Solibacillus isronesis, Solibacillus silvestris and Bacillus cecembensis, which are found on Earth.

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