Devineni Nehru all set to join TDP

  • Vedavyas, Butchibabu in tow
  • Uma faces problems

(Primepost Bureau)

Vijayawada: Devineni Nehru, former legislator and minister, is joining Telugu Desam Party (TDP). It goes to prove that the earth, after all, is round. He was with the TDP earlier before joining the Congress. Nehru may cross over to the TDP any day after Vinayaka Chaviti.

After noting the abysmal future for the Congress Party post-bifurcation of United AP, Nehru was keen on joining YSRCP. He sent signals to YSRCP chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy quite some time back and waited patiently. But the YSRCP was reluctant to admit the strongman from Vijayawada into its fold for fear of losing the existing base which is essentially anti-Nehru and anti-Nara Chandrababu Naidu if not the community they belong to.

The Vijayawada chief of the YSRCP is Vangaveeti Radhakrishna, son of late Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga who was a sworn enemy of Nehru. Since the murder of Ranga in 1989 the two families were living peacefully based on an understanding that one should not venture in to the territory of the other. Nehru or his son would not go near Ranga’s residence and Radha would avoid the locality where Nehru lives. A sort of detente is being followed all these years. Nehru and Radha cannot be in one camp. Even if both of them are prepared to bury the hatchet their followers cannot coexist. They have been fighting legal battles for years. They were involved in the prolonged feud between the two families. It started with the rivalry between Nehru and Vangaveeti Radha (the senior) who was allegedly killed by the former’s brother. As a vengeance, Radha’s younger brother Ranga waylaid and killed Nehru’s brother Murali. The rivalry spilled into politics. While Ranga, a Kapu leader, was owned by the Congress Party Nehru walked into the fold of TDP. He was very close to NTR and played a crucial role in 1995 August coup at Viceroy hotel in Hyderabad. When NTR went to Viceroy hotel in a van with his wife Laxmi Parvati, Nehru, Paritala Ravi, MotkupallyA� Narsimlu, Butchaiah Chowdary and Muddu Krishnama Naidu were there with him. Rest of the leaders rejoined the TDP under the leadership of Naidu. But only Nehru continued with the congress. Hid patience seems to have run out. He made his decision to join the TDP before the gates at NTR Bhavan are closed for ever. All this for the sake of his son, Avinash who is president of AP Youth Congress.

Nehru is not going alone. He is taking Kadiala Butchibabu along with him in to the TDP. Burugula Vedavyas, a senior Congress leader, is also reportedly moving to the TDP.

Nehru’s entry in to the TDP is likely to eclipse his younger cousin Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao who is now a powerful minister in Naidu’

s cabinet holding a weighty Major Irrigation Ministry. Nehru is a senior leader carrying greater clout. It may cause problems for Uma.

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