Need for Breath Analyzer Tests For Rail Engine Drivers !!

Hyderabad:A�Will the Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel subject the engine drivers for breath analyzer tests to prevent accidents as was now being done for motorists by the police?

This question assumed importance in the wake of a major train accident averted in time by the railway authorities in Jangaon Railway Station of Warangal district this morning.

According to reports reaching here, the Kakatiya Fast Passenger train was on its way from Manuguru to Secunderabad this morning. As the train neared Jangaon Station, the train failed to stop after jumping the red signal. Noticing this, the station authorities immediately stopped the train and brought to the platform.

The driver and the assistant driver were subjected to questioning for the blatant breach and were asked to undergo breath-analyzer test on noticing their tipsy condition. It was stated that both the driver and assistant driver tested positive of consuming alcohol.

The railway authorities made arrangements for the passengers to proceed to their destinations by Bhagyanagar and Konarak Express trains after detaining the Kakatiya Fast Passenger train for over four hours at Jangaon Station.

Thus after this incident, wherein the lives of hundreds of passengers were put to risk by engine drivers in an inebriated condition, it now seemed imperative for the RPF to henceforth conduct breath analyzer tests for engine drivers before the signal is given for the trains to move. When motorists are subjected to such tests to prevent accidents, why not the same ruleA� be made applicable to engine drivers, more so when hundreds of lives are at stake, is the question.A� (NSS)

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