NCPa��s offer to support leaves Shiv Sena high and dry

  • BJP resolved to form government in Maharashtra and Haryana

  • Rajnath Singh being sent as observer to Maharashtra

  • Venkaiah Naidu will be in Haryana

  • No overture to Shiv Sena or NCP

  • BJP may be using the NCP Card

There is no official response from BJP to NCPa��s offer of support in forming the government in Maharashtra. Earlier in the day Praful Patel announced their unconditional support to BJP and he said it was in the interest of the state and stability of government that NCP has chosen to support BJP.

Will BJP take up NCPs offer or will it get back to Shiv Sena a�� the party is not letting out any hint what so ever. Meanwhile, the party has appointed observers in both the states a�� Rajnath Singh will be going to Maharashtra and meeting state party men and the winning members. Venkaiah Naidu is being sent to Haryana for the same purpose. It is interesting to note that NCP-Congress alliance fell apart on September 25, on the same day when BJP and Shiv Sena parted ways after a row over seat sharing ahead of elections. Is it just a coincidence? Thata��s a million dollar question.

However, there is wide spread anticipation on the old friends getting back. “I hope the BJP and Shiv Sena will come together,” said Advani, who was not happy with the BJP decision to dump its ally of 25 long years. Earlier, Maharashtra BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis clarified that there were no discussions that had taken place with the Sena, “if the need arises, we expect our friends to support us”. At the same time, he also said that the BJP was “deeply hurt” over the manner the Sena targeted Modi and the BJP during the election campaign.
Confident that BJP will seek Shiv Senaa��s help, spokesperson Sanjay Rout had said, “Whatever happens, the chief minister will be from our party.” But this was before Praful Patela��s announcement.

For BJP, which until now had played second fiddle to the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra; now, the ball is in its court. And it is expected that the party may be using NCP card to get to Shiv Sena.

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