Nayeema��s Case: One Year Passed But No Significant Progress

Though it has been a year that Nayeem was killed in an encounter, the justice for his victims hasn’t yet come. They are disappointed and suspect governmenta��s intentions.

Hyderabad: A�It’s been a year since the hardened criminal Nayeem was killed in an encounter. His death brought the police, political, media, and criminal nexus to light, shocking honest police and public alike.

Occupation of lands worth thousands of crores and transactions worth hundreds of crores took place illegally by Nayeem and his gang. The police who raided Nayeem’s properties after his death found his diary, which had many hidden secrets.

But even after one year, no one is aware of neither what happened to that dairy nor what was in it.

The government made lofty assurances to the victims of Nayeem. Since then, the victims were expecting justice and action against his aides. But nothing seems to be happening in that direction. Seshanna, the close aide of Nayeem was still absconding and police were clueless about him till today.

Nayeem, who built his criminal empire over a period of two decades, resorted to every crime possible in the state.A� From Nalgonda, Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahaboobnagar to Medak, he became a nightmare to the public.

Finally, the government decided to put an end to his atrocities. But, it is a fact that his death brought to light many unsavory truths like involvement and protection of police and politicians.

Now the question being raised by the public was why no action has been taken against any peoplea��s representative, who supported him like pillars all the way.

After his death, the government formed a Special Investigative Team (SIT) to look into his ghastly crimes.A� An Additional DG is leading the SIT.

A lot of suspicions were being expressed at the way investigation was progressing. The police arrested many close aides of Nayeem and also booked them under PD Act.

Action was also taken against the police officers depending on the level of their association with him. While five officers were suspended, charge memos were issued to 21 people.

But, a lot of serious allegations were made against some politicians who were associated with Nayeem and who assisted him got his growth. The names of TRS leader, such as A�Chintala Venkateswara Reddy, and Deputy Speaker of Legislative Council Nethi Vidyasagar, came to light, as some people filed complaints against them.

A lot of other names were also heard at the time. Particularly, the name of LB Nagar Telugu Desam Party MLA R Krishnaiah was highlighted. The SIT summoned the MLA and recorded his statement. Also, rumours were thick that representatives belonging to ruling party were also closely associated with Nayeem.

However, no progress was seen in this direction. Many cases were lodged in various police stations across the state against atrocities of Nayeem and his aides. Hundreds of acres of land and other properties of Nayeem were seized, and all of them were involved in legal entanglements.

As the number of cases soared, a proposal was made to establish a Special Court to hear all these cases on fast-track basis. But no one knows what happened to that proposal.

The government then declared that it would return the properties to the right owners, but it is only possible after legal formalities are completed. And no one is sure when that would happen as the total number of cases booked was 227. Around 118 people were arrested and charge sheet was filed in 18 cases.

Though the police claimed that they have arrested eight political leaders, none of them was a bigwig. The SIT also declared that they dona��t have any intention of protecting anyone. But, whata��s happening at the field level has been completely different.

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