Nayeem, a Frankenstein Monster

Nayeem, the gangster, appears to be more dreadful after his death than when he was alive. The frightening stories that the people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have been hearing about the criminal activities of the Maoist turned mafia leader speak volumes about the dirty tricks of the police department at the behest of the political executive. In a couple of days after the dreaded killer was gunned down  in a so called encounter by the Telangana Police, former minister Uma Madhava Reddy had to tell the media that she did not have any connections with the mafia don. Next it was the turn of a former Director General of Police (DGP), Dinesh Reddy, to disclaim any affiliation with the brigand. Dinesh Reddy was at Lal Bahadur Stadium when Nayeem’s men killed senior police officer Vyas. The media guess was that Dinesh Reddy had secret links with the killer. Reddy made it a point not only to dispel rumors but also to demand a thorough inquiry to reveal the whole truth.

While Uma Madhava Reddy happens to be the widow of a former Home Minister, Madhava Reddy, who allegedly planned to use former Maoist Nayeem to kill Naxalite leaders and human rights  activists. This notorious plot reportedly had the backing of the then Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and the then DGP HM Dora. Ever science the nefarious scheme was implemented a number of persons were brutally killed by the maniac. They included Naxalite leaders like Veeranna, Belli Lalitha, and Sambasivudu. Civil rights activists like Purushottam were killed in broad day light. The criminal had amassed wealth running into hundreds of crores by collecting huge amounts of money from businessmen and NRIs at gun point. Nayeem was supposed to be maintaining an army of more than 500 criminals. In Gadaffi’s style, he used to have young women armed with guns as body guards. He was such a cruel person that he did not spare even his brother’s wife, his cook, and his close relatives. Only on Monday the police announced that they had found a dead body of Nayeem’s cook who was killed and buried in a faraway place.

A film producer, who became bold after the gangster was killed, revealed that his cinema theater was taken over by Nayeem by paying a pittance. He also said the canteens in most of the cinema theatres in both the Telugu States are owned by the gangster. Another victim divulged that Nayeem told him that he got Komatireddy Venkat Reddy’s son killed and made it appear as a death in car accident. A shocked former minister Komatireddy told some TV channels that he would meet the police officials to find out the truth. A tape played by Telugu news channels on Monday showed that the habitual killer threatened a businessman in Nalgonda district to face the consequences for not obeying his orders to pay huge ransom.  The poor businessman was heard praying the gangster not to kill his son and give him a month’s time to mobilize the money to pay him.

Nayeem, the butcher, also had his dreams. He was trying to produce a movie depicting him as the hero on the lines of Robin Hood. He got the story prepared and held discussions with directors, actors, and cameramen who made their mark in Tollywood. He also entertained an idea of contesting from Bhonagir assembly seat to enter the arena of democratic politics. This only shows to what kind of depth the electoral politics had descended in the Telugu States.

The blood sucker was allowed to roam free by successive Chief Ministers, Home Ministers, and DGPs for 20 years allowing him to rape, kill, loot, and plunder at will. This story of the Frankenstein Monster (a western version of Bhasmasura) has not yet been taken up by the big mouths in English electronic media. When it is done it would become a sensational story for the national media.  It is a crime thriller written and produced by the criminal minded politicians and police officials. What kind of punishment has to be given to the criminal minded plotters, in the garb of protectors of the people, who created the monster, is a million dollar question.


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