Naughty Tweet, Here Is How Sushma Replied

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraja��s reply to a naughty tweet has become viral in social media.

Delhi: Sushma Swaraj is one who replies to a tweet in her style and people wonder how she is able to respond for all the tweets she receives. Here is another example of Sushma who gave a fitting reply to a tweet made by a naughty man.

He wrote on Twitter that he was stuck up on Mars from past 987 days and about to exhaust food. He also said that last snack he had was via Mangalyan, and questioned Government when will the next Mangalyan be sent to Mars and tagged ISRO in the last.

Sushma, in her style, replied that Indian Embassy is there and it would help him even if he was stuck in Mars.

Sushma is praised by netizens for her humour and spontaneity.

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