The National Herald Relaunch, Congress Upbeat

Steps are being taken by Congress and Gandhi’sa�� to relaunch The National Herald daily started during freedom struggle by the first Prime Minister and was mired in legal tangles.

Bengaluru:A� The National Herald which was mired in controversies and court cases will be launched on June 20 by the President Pranab Mukherjee. The paper which was launched by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1938 became the centre of a legal tangle for the Gandhisa�� recently.

However, the Congress decided to relaunch the paper and as a first step, Rahul Gandhi and several other Congress leaders released a commemorative edition titled, a�?India at Crossroads: 70 years of Independence,a�? on Monday afternoon in Bengaluru.

#National Herald Live became a top trend on Social media on Monday.

Last year, the newspaper returned with a digital version eight years after its digital version. It was shut down eight years ago with an alleged unpaid debt of about 90 crore rupees. The print edition is expected to be launched in New Delhi as a weekly on June 20th by President Mukherjee.

Allegations were levelled against The National Herald that the Gandhi family set up Young Indian Company to buy the newspapera��s debts using Congress Party funds and illegally acquired properties worth 5,000 crores belonging to the news paper.

Last month, Delhi High Court refusing to stop an investigation by Income Tax Department into Indian asked Congress to approach the Income Tax Assessing Officer. Meanwhile, BJP described it as a major setback for the Congress.

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