Nannapaneni Joins Ayesha Parents for CBI Probe into the Murder Case

Parents of B-Pharmacy student Ayesha Meira have been asking for CBI probe into their daughtera��s brutal killing in 2007 in her hostel room. Now, Women Commission chairperson Nannapaneni Rajakumari echoed the demand, even as the state government has constituted Special Investigation Team (SIT).
Nannapaneni Joins Ayesha Parents for CBI Probe into the Murder Case

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Women Commission chairperson Nannapaneni Rajakumari has asked the CBI probe into the brutal murder of the first year B-Pharmacy student Ayesha Meira in her hostel room at Ibrahimpatnam on December 27, 2007.

Rajakumari backed the demand of the girla��s parents who have been seeking CBI probe from the day one of the incident. They did not approve the state police investigation and framing of Dalit youth P Satyam Babu, who had served eight years jail period and was released this year following his acquittal by the High Court.

The parents have been alleging the involvement of Koneru Satish Babu, the grandson of the then deputy Chief Minister and Congress Leader Koneru Ranga Rao. The police have conducted narcotic, DNA and lie detector tests on Satish Babu and his friends, besides 200 youth suspected from the Ibrahimpatnam and the surrounding areas.

First, they have arrested one criminal, Laddu, and declared him as the accused in Ayeshaa��s murder. He was sent to jail too. Later, he was withdrawn and Satyam Babu, a daily wage worker from Nandigama area, was framed and finally he was sent to the jail.

Surprisingly, both Satyam Babua��s parents and the girla��s parents have denied the involvement of Satyam Babu in the case. The Dalit and human rights groups too have taken up the case in favour of Satyam Babu, and finally he was acquitted by the court, which had asked the AP police to reopen the case and investigate, besides punishing the police officers who have misled the investigation and framed Satyam Babu.

Following this direction from the High Court, the government has constituted SIT headed by a DIG rank officer, who is yet to be named, and to be monitored by additional DG rank officer, Vijayawada police commissioner Gautam Sawang.

However, the Women Commission chairperson and the parents of the girl expressed reservations over the SIT to be headed by Sawang, who said that they would once again question Satyam Babu as part of their investigation.

Rajakumari wondered why Sawang wants to question Satyam Babu again, when the court had cleared him from the case and felt that the SIT investigation would not be clean if officers like Sawang headed it. She wanted the government to post a senior woman IPS officer to head the SIT, or hand it over to the CBI.

The civil society, particularly the rights and Dalit activists have been crying foul with the police trying to frame Satyam Babu again in the case, just to avoid punishment to the officers who have investigated the case earlier.

As the court has already directed the state government to punish the officers for framing innocent Satyam Babu in the case, the police are planning to rebuild the case around Satyam Babu and escape punishment.

Meanwhile, DGP N Sambasiva Rao, in an interaction with the journalists at Guntur, did not rule out the possibility of the case handed over to the CBI. He said if people are not happy with the state police and have apprehensions, the government may hand it over to the CBI.

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