Nandyal By-poll: Will Naidua��s Iftar Help His Party?

TDP chief Naidu had strategically chosen Nandyal for his Iftar party and organized a couple of government programmes with an eye on the impending by-elections. Having lost the partya��s strong family to the rival YSR Congress, Naidu is counting on his power to win the elections.

Nandyal: Telugu Desam Party president and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is leaving no stone unturned to wrest the Nandyal Assembly seat in the impending by-election. The Iftar meeting that he had organized in the town on Wednesday is also aimed at winning the voters of the town ahead of the elections. Having lost the strong family of Silpa brothers, the TDP supremo is trying his best to wrest the seat.

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The exit of Silpa Mohan Reddy is a great loss to the TDP in the Kurnool district politics, particularly in Nandyal Assembly constituency. Though Mohan Reddya��s brother Chakrapani Reddy is yet to quit the TDP and join his brother, Naidu is prepared for the best out of the worst. Comparatively, the Bhuma family, after the death of Nagi Reddy, is not so strong and not a match to the Silpa family. Given the present political equations, Naidu will lose the seat to Silpa family, but he is not willing to accept the defeat at this point of time. Being in power, Naidu wants to use every source to give a tough fight and even win the election. The TDP chief is a known poll strategist and can deploy his ministers and leaders to everywhere. There were elections where at least two ministers and two MPs were posted in every mandal to win and he had won.A� Even now, in Nandyal, it is his plan to deploy all his leaders and resources to every village to counter the Opposition and win the election.

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However, Silpa brothers are strong and are determined to teach a lesson or two to Chandrababu Naidu through this election. The Iftar or the series of schemes and events and the loads of funds that he is set to shower on Nandyal in the weeks to come will help Naidu to beat the rivals or lose to them is the big question.

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It is now on only Naidua��s strength that the TDP will be fighting the election in the absence of Bhuma Nagi Reddy. It is an admitted fact that either Brahma Reddy or Akhila Priya is no match to the Silpa brothers in the district politics. Now with the YSR Congress, the Silpa family has the added support of the Gangula family, which is lacking for the TDP. The leaders in TDP, including former minister N Md Farooq is yet to come to terms with the party leadership as he is also in the race for the ticket, which Naidu is not considering.

It is now to be seen how Naidu would steer his party to victory in the elections against a formidable opposition while being at the most disadvantageous situation. It is a litmus test to Naidu.

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