Nandyal Bypoll: Voters Mum On Their Decision As To Whom They Vote For

As the day nears for Nandyal by-poll, voters are still in dilemma to which party they should vote for.

Nandyal: AP will witness one of the costliest elections, which will be held on August 23rd in Nandyal. Both the TDP and the YSRCP are trying their best to lure voters in their possible ways, right from caste basis to cash politics.

Even though Congress filed Muslim candidate for the by poll, the main contest will be in between ruling party TDP and the YSRCP, who have taken this election prestigiously. The YSRCP Chief Jagan will start his door to door campaign from 9th August and the YSRCP cadre are pinning hopes on their chief.

Ruling party is facing a tough atmosphere and keeping all forces in fray like ministers, and MLAs looking after the election in all possible means. YSRCP is trying to gain momentum and mainly keeping hopes on anti-incumbency and minority votes.

From day one, the by-poll took many turns with CM Naidu pouring in development schemes just prior to the election and giving Farooq, a Muslim candidate, MLC ticket to lure Muslim voters. Mindset of Nandyal voters is still in dilemma as per sources and not yet decided to whom to vote for until now.

Vysya, Balija and Muslim communitya��s voters are still in seesaw situation and the final decision of these communities will impact the winning of the candidates possibly beyond the party lines.

The sympathy factor may work for the TDP, which was defamed slowly after Silpa brothers came into frame from the YSRCP. The fight took a tough turn until Jagan held a huge meeting in Nandyal, but things began turning negatively after Jagan had made serious comments on CM Naidu and after Roja had criticized Minister Akhil Priya about her dress ( Chudidar).

But this does not stand for a long time, as there is long way to go for elections. It all depends on how both the parties use their plans on polling day, along with ruling forces and cash rotation.

The Congress filing a Muslim candidate will impact the YSRCP as their will be a split in Muslim votes, but we cana��t say if swing happens in the A�last minute towards YSRCP, or if this factor will be washed away.

Right now, we can see silence in voters of Nadyal and keeping mum on their decision to whom they would vote, supporting both the parties in whatever way they can.

This semi-final match between the TDP and the YSRCP will show positive swing on the party that wins in the Nadyal by-poll and gives confidence to the cadre to face the 2019 elections.

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  1. Rao says:

    Nadyal voters reserve their opinion as of today. Arya vaisya community has taken the stand to suppirt YSR congress. The general experience in all bye elections ruling party will manage to win. Ofcourse there may be some exceptions. Let’s wait and see.

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