Nandyal By Poll: Surveys Differ, Leaders Confident

It is common in India, By elections always favour ruling partya��s and if by poll arises due to demise of a candidate, results always favour that family, had this continued in Nandyala too….

Nandyal: Big fight for Nandyal by poll was over and everyone is waiting for 28h, counting day of election. Both YSRCP and TDP are confident of their partya��s win, with surveys differing in the result. YSRCP is confident of winning with atleast 3000 majority after their advisor Prashanth Kishore conducted an exit poll survey. According to him, YCP will get majority of 8,000 votes in Gospadu Mandal and in Nandyal rural, it will have marginal lead of 5000 votes. PKa��s survey says TDP will have majority of 10,000 votes in Nadyal Urban and finally Shilpa will win with majority of 3000 votes.

TDP partya��s internal survey, Lagadapatia��s RG Flash survey predicts TDP will win with majority of 20,000 votes.

According to survey, TDP will have edge over YCP in Nadyal BY poll. Jagana��s immense attack on CM Naidu with controversial words, Rojaa��s controversial comment on Akhilapriya dress, money power, administration power and sympathy too added in favour of TDP as per our survey. Last 3 hours on polling day turned towards TDP as per our survey.

Even YCP failed in mobilising voters on the polling day who are in favour to them. If we observe wards from 2to 28 which are in favour of YCP witnessed total cross voting on polling day.

Even in Gospadu, undecided voters turned their decision towards ruling party on polling day. Just 72 hours left for the result of Nandyala by poll, as per our predictions, result will be in favour of TDP on counting day.

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