Nandyal By Poll Result: What Does It Mean For TDP And YCP

The result of Nandyal By poll is worrying both parties TDP and YCP with ruling party at risk pace when compared to opposition.

Amaravati: Today TDP might be happy with the result of Nandyal by elections, but there are many worrying factors for the party leaders in near future. Election was held after TDP came into power with gap of more than 3 years which took it as prestige and won in all means but the ground realty is totally different.

According to senior leaders of TDP, 2019 general elections will be tough for them to face YCP and the reasons they said should be acceptable.

Bringing 10 Ministers into battleground along with 20 MLAs, using lots of money power, announcing nearly 1500 crore schemes, luring minorities, utlising police power on last two days made TDP win along with sympathy factor. This view by senior leaders of TDP is giving a strong warning for TDP to keep in mind for 2019 elections.

When it matters for 175 assembly seats in 2019 elections, all this is not possible and every MLA has to stick to his own constituency for campaign. TDP leaders accept that there is anti incumbency on ruling party and Jagan has emerged as strong opposition leader in their words.

Opposition leaders Y.S. Jagan came forward and addressed media after the result of Nandyal by poll. This will give confidence to the YCP cadre who has to face Kakinada Municipal elections on 29th.Even Jagan reacted strongly by saying that he will hit back when time comes.

It is common in by poll elections; ruling party will have edge and if it is necessitated due to demise of sitting MLA, naturally sympathy factor will swing towards the candidate who is contesting from demised family. This was accepted by Minister Akhila Priya who said there was sympathy towards her parents which made them to win with huge margin.

We can see rise in mercury levels in politics in coming days from both parties as 2019 elections are Do Or Die for both YCP and TDP.

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