Nandyal By Poll: Prashanth Kishore Under Tense

It is first mission for political strategist Prashant Kishore who was appointed as special advisor for YCP to wrest CM Naidu, certainly it is a test for him with result to be announced in just few hours from now.

Amaravati: Political strategist Prashanth Kishorea��s name came into limelight after Modi became PM andA�A� it is his social media campaign and election strategy which made BJP came into power at centre.

Prashanth forayed into South after YCP Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy took him on board as consultant who will work with YCP for next two years.

Nandyal By poll which was the first election held after Prashanth entered into YCP is a litmus test for him. Fate of YCP and TDP will be decided on Monday which is termed as Semi Final match for 2019 elections once the result of by poll gets announced.

Both TDP and YCP took the election as prestige and fought until last minute. YCP Chief camped for 13 days which made ruling party tough and rethink on their strategy to face YCP in the by poll. That is the reason CM Naidu came up with a promise of nearly 1500 crore development schemes for Nandyal public including minority schemes.

If not Jagan had camped for 13 days in Nandyal, win for TDP would have been easier. The first experiment with Prashanth and Jagan combo will be known by Monday morning. Though stakes are strongly favouring TDP, there are chances of Tug of war between YCP and TDP.

If the result is favour to YCP, Prashanth will continue the same script and plan for 2019 elections; if not there will be major changes in party as per political experts.

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  1. Haarika says:

    Remember, he failed in UP.

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