Nandyal By-poll : Naidu Tense

AP CM Naidu is tense and started wooing different communities who initially felt it will be a cakewalk for TDP with the help of ‘sympathy’ factor.

Kurnool: AP CM Naidua��s calculations look to be going wrong as time fleets in Nandyal. Naidu who thought that it will be an easy win for TDP after announcing Brahmanada Reddy, from Bhuma family, as the candidate, is now contemplating additional ways and means to achieve success.

From day one, there is no clarity for Naidu to whom the ticket should be given and how to face the opposition in by-election. Nandyal voters, particularly Bhuma camp, have a vague impression that Naidua��s psychological pressure had led to their leadera��s death.

Bhuma, who was misguided without giving ministry after joining the ruling party, had to face pressure from his followers for migrating from YSRCP to TDP. All these factors are in mind of Nandyal voters who are looking for a cross vote to teach a lesson to the TDP.

Recent migration of senior TDP leader, ex-minister Shilpa Mohan Reddy into YSRCP is another blow for ruling party in Kurnool district.

Keeping all these developments in mind, Naidu started to woo voters. The partya��s survey also predicted that the fight is going to be tough.

Foundation stone for housing, airport at Orvakallu, in a hurry, Iftar at Nandyal with Government funds, all this flurry of activity is part of the TDP campaign.

At last, wooing councillors of Shilpa group clearly shows how tense TDP is on Nandyal by-poll. We have to see how opposition party counters all these moves to come into the contest and fight against the ruling party.

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