Nandyal By-poll: Mother Of All Battles

Both the TDP and the YSRCP are trying to win the by-poll by hook or by crook so as to gain ascendency in popular perception for the next general elections in 2019.

Nandyal: After 2014 general elections, Nandyal by-poll has been billed as mother of all battles. The by-poll considered as do or die by the ruling TDP as well as the opposition YSRCP is going to impact AP political future.

There is a surprising scenario when compared with ruling parties in both Telugu states. In Telangana, the ruling party never lost a seat after 2014 elections, starting from Medak by-poll to recent MLC elections. But when it comes to AP, ruling party, TDP, never faced elections after 2014 general elections, may be due to psychological fear. Even Lokesha��s maiden entry into state politics was also through the backdoor. The ruling party never accepted the challenge by YSRCP which demanded a fresh mandate whenever TDP lured their MLAs into defecting.

Now either YSRCP or TDP cana��t escape the result of Nanydal by-poll. AP CM Naidu who is dependent on sympathy factor all these days looked tense as these factor is slowly fading out from the voters’ mind.

YSRCP candidate Shilpa Mohan Reddy who lost by a mere margin of 3000 votes in the hands of late Bhuma Nagi Reddy looks to be favourite candidate if elections are conducted in a fair way. Even single councillor belonging to Shilpa group did not raise voice against their leader even though TDP tried to woo them with schemes and money.

Tourism Minister Akhila Priya is slowly losing grip and confidence on this election. Suspecting this, TDP Supreme Naidu took responsibility on his own shoulders and tried to attract one of the major communities of the constituency, Muslims, through Iftar, which has failed. Minister Akhila Priyaa��s challenge that she will resign as Minister if TDP loses was given strong counter by Shilpa which was never expected from him. He said that he will retire permanently from politics if he loses in this elections, which shows the confidence in his group and in the voters.

With the result of Nandyal, Naidua��s claim that there is an increase in vote share of about 16% towards TDP will be tested by AP voters.

If this proves wrong, Naidu will be in a difficult situation to cope with the next elections with opposition growing in all the constituencies. The people are talking about his false promises during election campaign, 2014.

The by-election is going to be a war of attrition with both sides straining very hard to win the popular support. The result of this election would set the trend for the forthcoming general elections. That is the reason why Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy have taken the contest prestigiously.

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  1. June 30, 2017

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