Nandyal By-poll: Jagan Announces Candidate, Game On Cards

YSRCP President Jagan officially announced Shilpa Mohan Reddy as the party’s candidate. The tough battle between the TDP and YSRCP has started for Nandyal seat.

Kurnool: Yes, Nandyal will witness a tough battle between two parties, TDP and YSRCP, nay, between two factions led Shilpa and Bhuma families.

AP CM Naidu, at his residence on Saturday, finalised TDP candidate for Nandyal by-poll after the migration of Shilpa Mohan Reddy into YSRCP. It is a must for CM Naidu to take a decision on candidate of Nadyal by-poll as the leaders are slowly tilting towards YSRCP. After a series of meetings for the past few days, Naidu announced Brahmananda Reddy as candidate from ruling party.

TDP looked tense after the migration of Shilpa into YSRCP. Shilpa’ family is strongly entrenched in Nandyal and it served the TDP for many years.

But Jagan took the upper hand by inviting Shilpa into YSRCP and announcing his name as partya��s candidate. This is the first serious move by YSRCP in recent days to counter TDP keeping in view 2019 elections.

Initially, everyone expected YSRCP will take this elections light. But the move by Jagan shows that he does not want to make TDPa��s win easy. TDP until now expected that a��sympathy factora�� will fetch them win by cakewalk. But after Shilpa slipped from their hands, TDP, mainly party chief Naidu took the responsibility to ensure TDPa��s win. For this he is using all his force and resources. The Iftar meeting that he had organized in Nandyal town on Wednesday is also aimed at winning the voters of the town ahead of the elections.

Being in power, Naidu wants to use every tool to give a tough fight and even win the election. The TDP chief is a known poll strategist and can deploy his ministers and leaders everywhere. There were elections where at least two ministers and two MPs were posted in every mandal to win. Even now, in Nandyal, he has plans to deploy all the top party leaders and use all the resources in every village to counter the Opposition and win the election.

On the flip side, Shilpa is determined to teach a lesson for Naidu by using all his might.

Now all eyes will be fixed on Nandyal which is a bellwether constituency. The result of the Nandyal by-poll will impact the outcome of the 2019 elections.

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