Nandyal By Poll Counting Live Updates, TDP leads As War Looks One Sided

It looks to be a clean sweep by ruling party TDP in Nadyal by poll with YCP no where in contest.

Nandyal: Tension in major political parties of AP, TDP and ruling party TDP as counting for by poll of Nandyal began. There will be total 19 rounds and trend can be known by 10.30 am. Both YCP and TDP are confident on victory.

Jagana��s fate and YCPa��s position in AP will be known with this result.

First round of counting completed and TDP is leading with a margin of 1300 votes. Gospadu Mandal where YCP is expecting a huge lead will be counted in last round and we cant sayto which side result will bend until this mandal counting completes.

Out of 250 postal ballott votes, 39 were invalid and 211 were not poled, so results of postal ballot votes is ZERO.

In 14 tables, counting for 19 rounds has been started at 8 am exactly and lead of TDP is continuing in second round too.

After second round TDP is leading with a margin of 2800 votes. Trend looks to be in favor of TDP as day progresses according to political experts.

After 3rd round, TDP is maintaining its lead with a margin of 5800 votes. Lead of TDP came from villages where YCP is having a grip and stronghold. This wave clearly indicates that ruling party will have a comfortable lead by the end.

After 4 rounds, TDP increased its majority to over 11000 votes and now the situation looks to be blank for main oppsotion party YCP. The lead for ruling party is increasing comfortably as rounds progress.

After 5 rounds, TDP lead increased to 12,500. From round one, there is no tug of war at any stage from YCP and now the win of TDP is formal.

After 6 rounds, lead of TDP was huge with a margin of 17,000 votes over YCP. TDP cadre is seen with full hungama all over the state after witnessing this majority in Nadyal by election.

After 7 rounds of counting, TDP is leading with a margin of 17,300 votes. Lead will cross 30,000 as per present trend according to our sources.

This a big blow for Oppsotion leader Y.S.jagan who took the election seriously and said that it is a referendum for 3 and half years ruling of TDP in AP.

Once again Lagadapati Rajagopal was in news for his accurate survey on Nandyal By poll who expressed happy A�as RG flash survey became true. He said that both parties will get equal votes in Gospadu mandal and final margin will cross 30,000 votes for TDP.

After 8A�rounds, lead of TDP is 17,353 votes and in 8th round TDP got a mere margin of lead with just 340 over YCP. There are 11 more rounds to go and TDP leaders and cadre started celebrating victory in all partys of AP.

9th round counting was completed and TDP’s lead stand at 18,220 votes over YCP.

After 10th round, TDP increased its lead to 19,657 votes over its rival YCP. 11 rounds were completed and lead for TDP is now 20, 663. War looks to be one sided as Shilpa Mohan Reddy, YCP candidate left the counting center by saying that Sympathy facor and money power made TDP’s win easy.

After 13 rounds, lead for TDP is 23, 310 votes and until now YCP did not show majority in any round from the start. It is unstoppable for TDP now and its clear that TDP’s candidate Brahmananda Reddy will be MLA of Nadyal. After 15 rounds, TDP’s lead A�raised to 26,100 voteswith still 4 rounds to go, majority will defnitley cross 30,000.

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