Nandyal Bypoll: Curtain Raiser For 2019 Elections?

With the BJP extending support to ruling party TDP in Nadyal by-poll and communist parties tilting towards the YSRCP, now the bypoll is clear a indication of curtain raiser for 2019 elections scenario.

Nandyal: There were doubts in voters of AP state with whom the BJP will tie up and will communist parties join hands and come closer to the YSRCP. Now, the picture is clear with the BJP extending support for the TDP’s candidate in Nandyal and leaders of both the communist parties Madhu and Ramakrishna stating that their support is for the YSRCP.

There were rumours about the YSRCP that it would join hands with the BJP and Amit Shah is slowly keeping check to the TDP’s Supreme Naidu. Thanks to the mediation of BJP’s leader Hari babu, who kept the tie between the TDP and the BJP intact after Venkiah Naidu left the state and became vice president.

There was total anti-incumbency in districts of Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam, Nellore, East and West Godavari’s against the TDP when our Primepost Bureau tried to catch the pulse of voters in these districts. It is even surprising to see the BJP going along with the TDP instead of testing its power in Rayalaseema( Though it does not have much vote bank in Rayalaseema, the BJP is keen in contesting alone in 2019 elections’ as per Delhi sources).

The Jana Sena,  has no idea or any imagination until now with whom they should move in 2019 elections, and its leader is serious to show party’s impact in the coming general assembly elections. The Jana Sena Party sources left the hope of coming into power, but on a plan to play kingmaker role and eyeing on 30 seats.

Nandyal is witnessing high currency election with liquor floating like water. In June, liquor sales were 30 crores in the constituency, but shockingly it crossed 44 crores in July, which proves how the liquor distribution is going across the constituency by both the parties in race.

Both parties, the YSRCP and the TDP are fighting the battle and trying to grab the main leaders into their party. Karim, right hand of Shilpa Mohan Reddy, joining the TDP is a jolt for the YSRCP, but at the same time, communist parties supporting Jagan is a little hope for the main opposition party to stay in the race.

Surely and certainly, the result will impact state politics, as Nandyala people are ready to give their verdict on 23rd August. The results will give oxygen to the party that wins the race.

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