NaMo’s 10 contributions to Indian lexicon

By Upmanyu Trivedi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi penchant for coining catchy abbreviations and terms was noticed during his election campaign with many of them capturing the public imagination as well – RSVP for Rahul, Sonia, Vadra, Priyanka, and ABCD for Adarsh, Bofors, Coal Scam, Daamad.

This knack of Modi continued well into his first year in office so much so that one wonders if he coins the abbreviations first and expands them as per his need.

As his government continues to turn simple ideas into catchy slogans, here are 10 pithy abbreviations that Modi government coined and used during the first year in government:


First Develop India was Modi’s style of launching Make in India. He gave the mantra saying it was an opportunity for the world and also a responsibility for the people of India.


Trinity of JAM–Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhar number and, Mobile–was Modi government’s answer to leakage of subsidies. First used by Economic Survey of India, later used by the government leaders, who said it would be a “game changing reform”.

3 Ss

Modi called upon the youth to develop 3 Ss–skill, scale and speeda��to compete with China. He used another set of 3 Ss–Samaveshak (inclusive), Savadeshak (for all country), Sarvaparshi (touching all)–to describe government’s first budget.


Strict but sensitive, modern and mobile, alert and accountable, reliable and responsive and tech-savvy and trained–This was Modi’s moto to policemen when he spoke at a gathering of senior police officers in Guwahati in December.


Visiting Nepal, Modi must be looking for a hit formula to rebuild trust between Kathmandu and New Delhi. He came up with exactly that, HIT–Highways, Informationways, and Transmissionways. Modi also used iWays acronym for promoting Digital India.


Modi in December, called upon the bureaucrats to chuck the ABCD–Avoid, Bypass, Confuse, Delay–culture of governance and hit the ROAD–Responsibility, Ownership, Accountability, Discipline–to move from red tape to red carpet for Making in India.


This came from Modi’s first foreign visit–Bharat to Bhutan. If B2B was not enough, Modi had a divine calling when he said, “B for B, Bharat for Bhutan and Bhutan for Bharat. I said it just like that but later I realized that it must be a sign from God that I said this”.

INCH towards MILES

Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai is a passe. Modi government coined INCH towards MILES for ‘India-China towards Millennium of Exceptional Synergy’ to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping in September.


In another pep talk by Modi to bureaucrats, he taught them about the ART of good governance, literally. Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency– was what Modi talked about.

3 Ds

Starting from Madison Square in the US, Modi invited investors throughout the year saying India has 3Ds–Demographic Dividend, Democracy, Demand. “Democracy, the demographic dividend and strong demand are important factors (for investment opportunity), and India has all three,” Modi said.


If Modi spoke in acronyms, the opposition, though a bit late in the day, also tried to catch up. Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh tried hands on the changing political lingo in January by re-phrasing NAMO–No Action, Message Only, and MODI–Murder of Democratic India.

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