Naidua��s Loss Is Jagana��s Gain in Kurnool

Former minister Silpa Mohan Reddya��s exit is set to cause major loss to the ruling TDP in the Kurnool politics. On the other side, his entry into YSR Congress is all set to strengthen the hands of Opposition Leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy in the days to come, particularly in the by-election to the Nandyal Assembly seat.

Nandyal: The politics of Andhra Pradesh, particularly the Kurnool district, are set for a major change with former minister Silpa Mohan Reddy changing the party. Mohan Reddya��s exist is set to have a greater adverse impact on the ruling Telugu Desam Party, while it is set to be an advantage to the Opposition YSR Congress headed by Jagan Mohan Reddy. Ahead of the by-elections to the Nandyala Assembly constituency, the polarization has all the potential to reverse the fortunes of the TDP in the district. Besides the strength of the respective political parties, the Silpa family has its own strength that would help in deciding on the victory in the elections.

Silpa Mohan Reddy, who has been a strong contender for the Nandyal Assembly seat following the death of Bhuma Nagi Reddy, finally gave a major jolt to the TDP. He had given a sort of warning to the TDP chief to give him the party ticket for the by-election failing which he would contest on the YSR Congress ticket. Living up to his warnings, he had quit the TDP and joined the YSR Congress indicating that the parties in Kurnool are at his mercy. Naidu, who tried to pacify the Silpa brothers failed to keep Mohan Reddy with him as he is also under equal pressure from the Bhuma family, who claim rights over the Nandyal seat.

Bhuma Nagi Reddya��s daughter and Minister for Tourism, Akhila Priya is mounting pressure on the Chief Minister to give the seat to her family as the tradition goes where the members of the deceased family are considered for the by-election in the case of the death of a sitting member. Locked between the two warring families of Silpa and Bhuma, the TDP chief had failed to take a decision leading to the exit of Mohan Reddy.

The entry of Mohan Reddy had turned out to be an added advantage to the YSR Congress which is now growing strong even after the defection of the Bhuma family. The party had already gained an upper hand with the entry of the Gangula family in the district and now the entry of Silpa family had kept the YSR Congress on the top of the TDP in terms of the strength. There is also a split in the Bhuma family with Brahmananda Reddy backing the YSR Congress and thus the developments have put the YSR Congress in advantage.

Having lost Mohan Reddy, the TDP chief is looking at MLC Silpa Chakrapani Reddy, who might switch over his loyalties in the days to come. Sources in the TDP say that Chakrapani Reddy was promised to be made the Chairman of the Legislative Council following the retirement of A Chakrapani on May 31. However, Chandrababu Naidu had given this post to Reddi Subrahmanyam giving a shock to the Silpa family. It is now to be seen how long Chakrapani would sail with the TDP in the fast changing political scenario.

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