Naidu Jittery About YSRCP?

After YSRCP announced a�?Gadapa gadapaku YSRa�� with no time TDP countered with a�?Intintiki TDPa�� which shows the insecure feeling in ruling party.

Amaravati: This is a clear hint and indication that ruling party TDP is feeling insecure over the coming assembly elections. After YSRCP announced a�? Gadapa Gadapaku YSRa�� TDP Supremo and Andhra Pradesh CM Naidu countered with a�?Intintiki TDPa��.

If ruling party is confident about their victory in the next elections, there is no need to counter immediately. They announced this programme too after Jagan fixed the programme of Gadapagadapaku.

Naidu should have announced this prior to Jagana��s paadayaatra statement if he is comfortable. This proves how insecure ruling party leaders are.

Survey by TDP which was aired in few electronic media outlets saying that it will win majority of seats does not looks convincing after observing the body language of TDP leaders recently.

Naidu will start the above said programme from September 19th and tour model villages and major districts. That means Naidu will start his campaign 40 days before Jagana��s paadayaatra. Naidu wants to conduct meeting with farmers, students and women to know their problems. It is surprising to see Naidu moving forward to know the problems of all these sections who have been struggling for the past three years starting from land acquisition and unemployment.

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