Naidu’s Delhi Pointsman Being Sidelined

Kambhampati Ramamohan Rao who has been Chandrababu Naidu’s pointsman in Delhi for decades has been sidelined thanks to Sujana Chowdary.

New Delhi: A person who worked for TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu like a trusted lieutenant for decades has become persona non grata thanks to the changing equations in Naidu’s coterie. The interesting part is that the coterie is trying to utilise the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and AP Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy recently as an opportunity to show the party’s Delhi representative, Kambhampati Ramamohan Rao, the door.

Rao has been implementing the orders of Naidu meticulously doing donkey’s work for the party all these years. He swallowed insults by persons holding constitutional positions when he tried to ‘manage’ them at the behest of Naidu. He did not complain. He thought he has been doing everything in the interest of the party and the community besides his own interest. Rao grew in business over the years. He made good progress in automobile business with the blessings of another accomplished Naidu, Venkaiah Naidu, who was an important leader of the BJP and union Minister whenever the BJP was in power. He became a big dealer for Honda brand. But he has been careful not to exhibit his riches trying to maintain a low profile. He has remained the points man for AP Chief Minister Naidu all the while.

When Rao developed differences with Union Minister Sujana Chowdary, his troubles had begun. Rao and Chowdary are from the same community and the same district. Rao is a senior leader who has been active in the party right from its inception. Chowdary was busy with his business till 2009 when he started working full-time for the party. Chowdary was also investing in the party since it was in opposition for ten years.

The differences between Chowdary and Rao came to the fore when Chowdary got a second term in Rajya Sabha. Rao also tried his luck  for a Rajya Sabha seat at the same time which was taken as an affront by Chowdary. Rao was earlier RS Member. The Union Minister got his second term this time. Ever since the elections to RS, Chowdary has been developing an alternative to Rao for the Delhi assignment. Chowdary had influenced Naidu and his son Lokesh who have been refusing to entertain Rao. Rao waited in wain for days together recently for an appointment with Naidu and Lokesh.

The fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi met YSRCP leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy recently.  Rao has failed to get advance information about the meeting and could not alert the TDP leadership. This is being cited against Rao by his rivals in his party.

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Big Blow To AP CM Naidu: SC Directs Freedom To Social Media

It is a big blow to AP CM Naidu and TDP with Supreme Court giving freedom to social media as it is part of freedom of expression.

Amaravati: Freedom of expression has been upheld by the apex court in case of social media which was sought to be gagged by AP government.

AP Government tried to stop expressing views against a party or leader in social media.

It is a big blow for ruling party in AP, particularly to CM Naidu and his son, IT Minister Lokesh who are trying to hoodwink the publishers with false allegations against their party.

It will be a big relief for Ravi Kiran and Ravindra who are facing tough time with cases.

Supreme Court’s decision to strike off the section 66-A of IT Act of 2000 brought by the centre to curb the social media gives great relief to the people like Ravi Kiran and Ravindra.

The Supreme Court stated that it amounts to curbing freedom of expression and its decision is against the central Government which made the law to prevent the objectionable posts in social media.

Supreme Court further stated that it is not right to put in jail for expressing views in public domain and immediately dismissed section 66.

Certainly this is a decision that would bother Naidu who is trying to suppress the views published through social media against him and his son.

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What About Sending Naidu To Jail: Congress Questions KCR

Telangana Congress Party dared Irrigation Minister Harish Rao to reveal the names of their leaders involved in the land scam.

Hyderabad: Congress leaders of Telangana challenged Irrigation Minister Harish Rao to reveal the names of their party leaders who are involved in the land scams if they have guts.

We are not frightened and we welcome the move if Government really takes strict action against the culprits who are involved in the land scam, including congress leaders, Shabbir Ali Said.

KCR only throws challenges with the statements but no action is seen further. What about Eamcet leakages and Nayeemudiin cases. Until now there ws no action taken, Shabbir questioned.

He also reminded KCR’s statement about AP CM Naidu that Even Lord Brahma can’t save Naidu from going to jail in Vote Note scam.

It is better for KCR to stop such political statements and act instead, they felt.

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JC Flies To Europe Leaving Naidu With The Can

TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy flies to Europe along with family leaving all the issues regarding his ruckus at Vizag airport to Naidu to resolve.

Amaravati: TDP MP Diwakar Reddy left to Europe on Friday night along with his family even after he was barred by Domestic airlines due to his unruly behaviour at Vizag airport.

This incident caused a big headache to CM Naidu who called upon his brother Prabhakar Reddy and aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju to solve the issue as early as possible.

JC Diwakar Reddy will return from Paris after 10 days and Naidu wants to sort out all the issues before he lands in AP.

There was severe criticism on Union Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju for not taking any action on his fellow MP. Initial reply of the minister was that law will be followed once the enquiry is completed. But he took a U-turn and said there is no need of enquiry as the entire incident is recorded on CCTV.

Prabhakar Reddy, brother of MP Diwakar Reddy, said that the tour was planned long ago and it is something the family does every year. He also said that he was supposed to join them but was stuck up due to personal work.

There was no clue about the holiday destination for which the MP left in a hurry by Emirates flight.

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Naidu Ropes In Seed Park For Amaravati

AP CM Naidu had successfully roped in Iowa State University, US to have seed park in the new capital.

Amaravati: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who is on the US tour, visited the Seed Science Center at the Iowa State University, to initiate the launch of the Mega Seed Park Project. The center works to provide access to quality seed, facilitating seed trade and promoting the growth and development of the seed industry.

Wendy Wintersteen, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University, Manjit K Misra, Director, Seed Science Center and the delegation from Andhra Pradesh were present during the initiation ceremony.

Wendy in his welcome address said that the seed center is consistently ranked as the premier research body not only in United States but also globally. He added that the center provides a focus on research, and extension programs on seeds which greatly benefits the students to excel in seed science and technology.

Chief Minister in his keynote address said that he has come all the way from India to Iowa to study the best practices so as to make agriculture prosper in Andhra Pradesh as well as in India. “Today’s farmers are facing difficulties because of the lack of knowledge and information, I am keen to fill this gap,” said the Chief Minister.

Engagements like these will bring more knowledge on soil health, micronutrients, water management, market information etc, thereby help us in setting milestones to achieve our mission to make agriculture a profitable business, the Chief Minister stated.

The Chief Minister stressed that the Mega Seed Park Project should be implemented on a priority bases so as to increase the agricultural productivity and help increase the incomes of the farmers in the near future.

The Chief Minister said the need of the hour is to empower farmers with efficient and useful tools and that today is an important day in his life as he has initiated a mega project for the overall betterment of the agriculture and the people dependent on it.

Later a presentation was made by Manjit Misra who said that 80 percent of the farmers in the world do not have access to quality seeds and that the percent is at 70 in India. He mentioned that through his agreement Andhra Pradesh would soon become a hub for quality seeds and will soon grow as a major exporter of quality seeds.

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Young Boss Takes Over AP As Naidu Leaves For US

AP IT Minister Nara Lokesh is settling down to his business by attracting IT firms to come to Amaravati. He inaugurated the offices of 7 IT firms in Medha Towers at Gannavaram, which he claimed as first step towards making Amaravati the IT hub.

Amaravati: The successor-in-waiting in Andhra Pradesh politics, Nara Lokesh, Minister for IT, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, had swung into action on the first day of his father and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu left the State for his 10-day US tour. Though Lokesh was included in the tour in the middle of the plan, he was dropped from the itinerary in the eleventh hour. He is now left to lead the State politics and government till Naidu returns to the State after 10 days.

On the first day, Lokesh inaugurated the office spaces for 7 IT companies at the Medha Towers at Gannavaram on the outskirts of the city. He was accompanied by Ministers Devineni Umamaheswara Rao, Kollu Ravindra, MLCs A S Ramakrishna and Batchula Arjunudu, MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi on the day one. He said it was only a beginning to make Amaravati the IT hum as he leads the IT Ministry in the State.

He welcomed the IT companies including Grupo Antolin, Melsova, EP SOFT, Yamyah IT Solutions, Chandu Soft, Melsova and Rotomaker, which are into IT consultancy, designing, digital educational services, projects and products. The AP Non-Resident Telugu Society based in US had helped Lokesh to record his first initiative of welcoming the IT companies to the State.

Lokesh, while interacting with the media after the inauguration of their office space, said he would do his best to develop the State with the responsibilities given to him. He took strong exception to the remarks of Opposition leader Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy calling him Pappu and Corrupt as well. He dared Jagan Mohan Reddy to prove his charges or tender open apology to the State.

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Early Polls-Dad Proposes, Son Disposes

Nara Lokesh says no to early polls. He disowns hints of his father on early elections and says it is not possible.

Amaravati: The people of Andhra Pradesh heard different voices from the Nara family. While Nara Chandrababu Naidu hinted at the possibility of the State going for early polls, positively at the end of 2018, his son and Minister for IT, Nara Lokesh dismissed it saying that there is no such possibility and need too.

Naidu had hinted at early polls in the State during his meeting with the party senior leaders, including Ministers, a couple of days ago. As Minister, Lokesh too was present at the meeting. The TDP chief wanted to go for early polls projecting the two prestigious projects of Polavaram and Amaravati. Naidu is confident of getting votes for his party on the progress of these two prestigious projects and that is the reason why he is constantly monitoring the progress of the works. While elections are slated for June 2019, Chandrababu Naidu wanted to bring them forward to the end of 2018, if his plans go well.

Interestingly, Naidu is also toeing the idea of ‘one nation – one election’ call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He had backed this idea as that would bring down the expenditure and minimise the security issues connected to the elections.

But, son Lokesh ruled out the possibility of having early polls. He had also discounted the ‘one nation – one election’ strategy of Modi-Naidu. The son says that having elections in 2018 is not possible or not advisable for Andhra Pradesh. The States like Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have elections in January 2018, while Meghalaya and Nagaland are due for polls in March 2018, Karnataka in May and Mizoram in December 2018. According to Lokesh, Andhra Pradesh has to go for elections along with big States like Gujarat or Karnataka as that would benefit, but Gujarat (January) and Karnataka (May) are too early. This would take more than one-and-a-half years of the present term of the TDP for which Lokesh is not prepared. If elections are proposed for November-December season of 2018, the Election Commission may consider the request as Mizoram too is slated for the polls in the same season. But, Lokesh appears to be disinterested in going for elections along with a small State like Mizoram.

Whatever is the reason that Lokesh subscribed to say no to the early polls or simultaneous polls, it is for the first time that Naidu had a no for his decision and that too from his family. It is to be seen how Naidu would react to this.

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NREGS Funds For 19 Departments In AP

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu proposed to provide NREGS funds for 19 departments to take up developmental activities in the State.

Amaravati: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu at a review on MNREGS convergence promised to extend the funds to 19 departments to take up developmental activities.

The officials of the Rural Development informed the Chief Minister that as many as 29,78,486 eligible wage seekers would be provided with insurance under the NREGS. Besides this, the department proposes to take up avenue plantation for 10,000 km along the State and national highways with funds from NREGS to which the Chief Minister has asked for a clear action plan. He instructed the officials to utilize vermi compost in the horticulture and avenue plantations works taken up under the NREGS.

The Chief Minister held detailed discussions about the convergence action plan received by various departments. A total of 14 departments proposed a wide range of works worth ₹ 12578 crore. The Panchayat Raj Engineering Department officials informed the Chief Minister that they would undertake construction of CC roads, underground drainage, laying of approach roads and building of gram panchayats with a cost of ₹ 3232 crore for the year 2017-18.

Similarly the forest department has come up with an action plan worth ₹ 206 crore. The Chief Minister has asked the department to revise its expenditure plan and come up with a plan to spend a sum of ₹ 360 crore. Raising and maintenance of nursery, contour trenches, construction of mini percolation tanks are some of the activities proposed.

The agricultural department also submitted its action plan for development of waste land, value addition to cultivable land, construction of farm ponds, check dams, diversion of crops to horticulture, providing irrigation through Jala Siri through NREGS funds.

The department of water resources said that would restore MI tanks, cascading of tanks and take up construction of check dams and farm ponds with NREGS funds.

Construction of play fields, tree plantation, sanitation works and providing drinking water to children are some of the activities proposed by the school education department.

The officials briefed the Chief Minister about the proposed fund allocation for various departments that included Housing department – ₹ 3750 crore, Animal husbandry – ₹ 1083 crore, construction of burial grounds – ₹ 500 crore, ICDS – ₹ 386 crore, Horticulture department – ₹ 373 crore, Fisheries department – ₹ 176 crore, SAAP – ₹ 140 crore, and sericulture –  ₹ 79 crore.

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Naidu’s U-turn On Simultaneous Elections

Chandrababu Naidu appears to have changed his mind regarding the proposal to go for simultaneous elections. Lokesh has made a statement opposing the move.

Amaravati: Has Chandrababu Naidu changed his mind on simultaneous elections which he welcomed during his recent Delhi visit? It appears so. He made his son Lokesh speak against the proposal.

Nara Lokesh, AP Minister for IT, has said here on Wednesday that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) is against simultaneous elections for Parliament and Assemblies. He referred to the talk that the elections are likely to be advanced to 2018 and said that there is no State which is prepared to for early election. As far as the TDP is concerned, it is against cutting short the tenure of the present Assembly, he averred. It is obvious that AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has second thoughts on this proposal and made his son oppose it.

In fact, Eenadu, Sakshi and Andhra Jyothy had prominently published in Monday issued stories with Delhi dateline saying that Naidu has supported the idea of simultaneous elections. The reports said Naidu while speaking at the meeting of the Niti Ayog Governing Council at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday declared his agreement with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on simultaneous elections.

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Naidu Back To CEO Mode, Pampering Babus

Chandrababu Naidu is known more as CEO than the CM as he promotes the bureaucrats. This time, he restrained from being pro-Babus for the first half but is seen going back to his original style of functioning of protecting officers.

Amaravati: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is known for his pro-officers style of functioning. He had pampered the officials more during his earlier stints and had not given a chance to the party leaders to raise their voices against the officials. The officers, who enjoyed the patronage of the Chief Minister turned deaf ears to the elected representatives, including the Ministers between 1995 and 2004. The MLAs and MPs had to wait for appointments of the Collectors and other senior officers and were at their mercy to get things done in the respective Assembly constituencies. Even the Thahasildars had their say given priority over that of the MLAs, when it came to developmental activities in the villages. He projected himself as the CEO of the State rather than the Chief Minister of the State.

When the party lost in the 2004, this CEO style had come in for an open attack from the rank and file of the party. The disappointed leaders did not rush to the support of Naidu, while the all powerful officers had no chance to back him. He thus lost the 2004 elections. The internal reviews on the party’s debacle afterwards turned external as every leader blamed Naidu for his style. They wanted him to change this CEO style and respect the leaders. He had admitted his fault too and perhaps that was the reason why he, at the first meeting of the Collectors after his taking over, wanted the bureaucrats to be available to the party leaders.

However, two-and-a-half years in office, Naidu seems to have got into his original style of being the CEO of the State. This attitude of Naidu is now under scan by the party leaders who have been facing the heat from the bureaucrats. Senior legislator G Syamsunder Sivaji was denied audience by Praveen Kumar, the then Commissioner of Greater Visakha Municipal Corporation. He was again denied entry into the Chief Minister’s residence road when he was on his way to the Assembly last month

Similar charges are there against former Prakasam district Collector Sujatha Sarma, former Chittoor Collector Siddharth Jain, former Guntur Collector Kantilal Dande, former Krishna district Collector Babu Ahmad and former East Godavari district Collector Kartikeya Misra. It is alleged that these officers deny interviews for the legislators and TDP leaders in the name of video conference with the Chief Minister. “Whenever approached, the officers say that they are in video conference with the Chief Minister,” quipped a senior leader expressing his displeasure over the style of functioning of the Chief Minister.

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Naidu Plans People-Friendly Capital

Ministers and officials to be available in one block for convenience of people. Iconic bridge designs on Krishna river to be ready by June 15.

Amaravati: The new caital Amaravati is set to emerge as people-friendly capital as Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu directed the officials to design the administrative blocks to accommodate ministers and all departments in one block for the convenience of people.

Addressing a review meeting of CRDA officials at secretariat on Wednesday, the Chief Minister said road net work should be developed on international standards to connect all the places of the capital region. He said that the roads leading to secretariat should be developed to meet international standards and greenery should be developed on both sides of the roads. The Chief Minister reviewed the progress of seed access road and arterial roads. He said electronic display boards should be arranged.

He directed the officials to take possession of seven islands in Krishna river and prepare plans to develop them as international tourist centres. CRDA commissioner Ch Sridhar said another island with a radius of 250 acres was also identified in Krishna river. Amaravati development corporation limited CMD Lakshmi Parthasarathi said the final designs of iconic bridge on Krishna river will be ready by June 1 5. The Chief Minister said review meeting will be conducted in third week of every month over the progress of administrative capital.

Minister for Municipal Administration P Narayana, CRDA chief secretary Ajay Jain and others were present.

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Youth Congress to hold peoples ballot on TDP poll promises

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Youth Congress would hold peoples ballot on the election promises that Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu made during the 2014 election, said All India Youth Congress general secretary Abraham Roy Mani and secretary V Varaprasad.

Speaking to media persons after the AP Youth Congress executive meeting at Andhra Rathna Bhavan, the YC leaders criticized the Chief Minister for his failure to fulfill the election promises. The leaders said that Chandrababu Naidu had promised one job for every family and wanted to know how many jobs were provided to the youth in the State in the last three years. They also recalled the TDP promise of monthly stipend for the unemployed youth and regretted that not a single rupee was paid to a single unemployed youth in the State.

The YC leaders said that the AP youth had high hopes on the special category status that would bring more investments to the State resulting in employment creation. However, they alleged that Chandrababu Naidu had compromised for the special package and dumped the special category status. They accused the Chief Minister of making huge commissions out of the special package at the cost of the future of the youth. “The youth of this State had high hopes of special category status. A huge number of industries were expected and there were hopes of a large of number of jobs to be created. But, by compromising for the package, the Chief Minister had dashed the hopes of the youth,” the YC leaders alleged.

Referring to the Chief Minister’s claims on building a Golden Amaravati, the YC leaders ridiculed the claims and said that Chandrababu Naidu would not even build a copper Amaravati. They said that the YC would take up extensive campaign on the failures of the TDP rule in the last three years. The YC would conduct peoples ballot on the promises like job for youth, loan waiver for the farmers, women and weavers. The Youth Congress would also lead a campaign against the lies of Chandrababu Naidu and expose his intentions in compromising with the BJP government for the special package.

The Youth Congress leaders reiterated that they would continue to fight for the special category status which would bring more industries to the State and create employment opportunities.

AP Youth Congress leaders Madan Mohan, K Amarnath and others were present. 

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Complete rehabilitation before shifting Gandikota, CPM tells AP CM

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) had asked the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister to complete rehabilitation before shifting the Gandikota village which is to be relocated for the Polavaram left canal in East Godavari district.

CPI-M State secretary P Madhu in an open letter to the Chief Minister said that Gandikota village with 57 families of the Scheduled Tribes was shifted to the present place 26 years ago for Pushkara lift irrigation scheme. The village with 52 families in 2005 was given 105.77 acres of land as part of the rehabilitation package, he said. He further added that the government had once again proposed relocation of the village for the Polavaram left canal. The government had started rehabilitation for 41 families from the village and houses are being constructed for them near Nelakota village, he said. The houses are incomplete and have no roads, electricity and drinking water facilities. The village had no burial ground and no school for the children, he added.

Madhu asked the government to provide complete rehabilitation including wage earning mechanism for the people before shifting them to the new place. He took strong exception to the revenue officials for proposing to shift the families to the half-complete houses.

The CPI-M leader asked the Chief Minister to provide relief and rehabilitation to these families as per the 2013 Land Acquisition Act. He said that the CPI-M would fight for these families if the government made any attempt to shift them without completing the rehabilitation process.

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A P Gives Top Priority for Connecting Capital to All Districts

Vijayawada: The  AP Government,  which is committed for development of economically vibrant  Amaravthi with world-class  infrastructure,  has kept a special focus on connectivity of the People’s capital to every nook and corner of the state. The CM Chandrababu Naidu directed the authorities to develop necessary road infrastructure to ensure less than 5 hours travel time from capital to any district.

‘Connectivity of the Capital city to the entire state plays a pre-dominant role in the overall economic growth of the state. Even the remotest villager in the State should have easy access to the city. Put special focus for laying the necessary connectivity roads to Amaravthi, especially the Anantapur-Amaravati Greenfield Expressway which connects Rayalaseema to Amaravati’ directed the CM.

The CM who is going to conduct a high level review meeting on infrastructure development in Amaravathi on  December 27,  today conducted a teleconference in this context,  with Minister for MA&UD  Dr. P. Narayana, SP Tucker, Chief Secretary to Government   B. Sambob, Special Chief Secretary, T, R&B,  Lakshmi Pardhasaradhi, CMD/Amaravati Development Corporation,  Sateesh Chandra, Special Chief Secretary to CM,  Sai Prasad, Prl. Secretary to CM,  Ajay Jain, Principal Secretary, Energy, I&I & CRDA, Sridhar Cherukuri, Commissioner, CRDA and issued the above directives.

B.Sambob informed that the proposed 600 km of Amaravati – Anantapur Express Highway is envisaged to be developed as a Greenfield Access Controlled Expressway with 6/4 Lane Configuration at an investment of around Rs.29,000Crs.    Ajay Jain informed the Chief Minister that prominent health & educational institutions like VIT, SRM University, Amrita University, Indo U K Institute of Health (IUIH) in collaboration with King’s College, London are being set up and the top international schools have shown keen interest to set up their institutions in Amaravati. -NSS

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