Naidu yet to settle down

100 days of uncertainty

Officers are not in place

Misgivings on farm loan waiver

Hyderabad: It is difficult to judge the performance of AP government within hundred days of its coming into being. Firstly, the government is yet to settle down what with the distribution of employees being still in the process of discussion. But some trends could be identified to know if all the promises made during the electioneering are likely to be fulfilled.

Fulfilling hundred percent of the promises made by any party before coming to power is well nigh impossible. The best governments in the world can hope to implement fifty percent of the promises. Even that seems to be eluding the TDP government which completed hundred days in office on Monday, September 15, 2014.

The first and foremost promise made by the TDP which was elected by the people of Seemandhra, now known as Andhra Pradesh State, was regarding the waiver of farm loans. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu appears to have developed cold feet after the Reserve Bank of India made some observations about the non-feasibility of the measure. The banks have not been cooperative in this regard. He allocated a measly Rs 5,000 crore in the budget for this purpose. He has appointed a committee to work out the details. For that matter, even the TRS government in Telangana, which is finding it difficult to implement the election promise to waive farm loans, has not been very active in this regard. The Sivaramakrishanan Committee appointed by the Centre to identify the best place to build new capital for AP has been ignored and Vijayawada has been announced as the centre of new capital. Making the announcement in a hurry even before the committee submitted its report and not allowing any debate in the Assembly, as demanded by opposition YSRCP, before making the announcement had given a handle to the opposition to complain. Although, no party has expressed reservations about selecting Vijayawada as new capital, the way the decision was made and announced was being found fault with.

Ambati Rambabu of the YSRCP has castigated the TDP for celebrating completion of hundred days in power. He said not a single election promise was fulfilled and the TDP has no right to celebrate. PCC President Raghuveera Reddy said Naidu issued a number of white papers containing equal number of white lies. Botcha Satyanarayana, former PCC president, also attacked the government for failing to come up to the expectations of the people. Farmers and women thrift groups, however, have not given up hope yet. They are hoping that the promises made by the TDP would be fulfilled although it may take some more time. There is a mixed feeling in the society. Many feel that it is too early to come to conclusion that the TDP had failed in its first four months of office.

Naidu has created a history by holding cabinet meeting on Monday with computers before every minister. It is first of its kind in the country. E-meeting is an innovative idea for which Naidu has to be complimented. As the distribution of IAS and IPS officers is yet to be completed, the government is functioning from makeshift premises and the ministers are yet to tune themselves to the new responsibilities, it would be uncharitable to jump at conclusion that the AP Government has failed completely. The best thing is to wait and watch.

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