Naidu Vamsadhara-Nagavali-Champavati Link Now

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had now set on interlinking of the river and reservoirs in the North Andhra region. Riding high on the linkage of Godavari-Krishna and with plans to link Godavari-Penna, Naidu directs officials to get into action.

Amaravati: Riding high on the completion of Godavari-Krishna rivers linkage through Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme and the progress of plans to link Godavari with Penna river, the Andhra Pradesh government is planning to link three rivers in the north Andhra region. The government is also planning to connect the reservoirs here and share the river water making it available for the agriculture, industrial and drinking purposes.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had directed the officials to get into action and prepare the detailed project report for linking of Vamsadhara, Nagavali and Champavati rivers in Vizianagaram district. He also directed the officials to link the Harimandalam, Thotapalli and Gadigedda reservoirs as part of the interlinking of the three rivers in the district.

Nadiu told the officials that not a single drop of water in the State should go unused and wanted them to get plans to link rivers, rivulets and streams with the irrigation tanks in every village. The village tanks desiltation is in progress under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), he said and added that if these tanks are connected to the streams and rivulets in the vicinity, water would be available for the farmers. This project has to be completed in the next two years, he said and asserted that once completed every village would have enough water for irrigation and other purposes. Drinking water problem for cattle in the summer too would be addressed if these rivulets and streams are connected to the tanks, he said.

The Chief Minister reiterated that his government had created history by linking Godavari with Krishna river and would soon complete linking of Godavari with Penna river. The projects like Handri-Neeva and Velugonda too are to be completed on time to make the State water surplus.

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Naidu Jittery About YSRCP?

After YSRCP announced ‘Gadapa gadapaku YSR’ with no time TDP countered with ‘Intintiki TDP’ which shows the insecure feeling in ruling party.

Amaravati: This is a clear hint and indication that ruling party TDP is feeling insecure over the coming assembly elections. After YSRCP announced ‘ Gadapa Gadapaku YSR’ TDP Supremo and Andhra Pradesh CM Naidu countered with ‘Intintiki TDP’.

If ruling party is confident about their victory in the next elections, there is no need to counter immediately. They announced this programme too after Jagan fixed the programme of Gadapagadapaku.

Naidu should have announced this prior to Jagan’s paadayaatra statement if he is comfortable. This proves how insecure ruling party leaders are.

Survey by TDP which was aired in few electronic media outlets saying that it will win majority of seats does not looks convincing after observing the body language of TDP leaders recently.

Naidu will start the above said programme from September 19th and tour model villages and major districts. That means Naidu will start his campaign 40 days before Jagan’s paadayaatra. Naidu wants to conduct meeting with farmers, students and women to know their problems. It is surprising to see Naidu moving forward to know the problems of all these sections who have been struggling for the past three years starting from land acquisition and unemployment.

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TDP’s Chittoor Survey Shocks Naidu

TDP’s private survey in Chittoor district shocked leaders along with CM Naidu with the results showing negative trend to the party for next elections.

Chittoor: AP CM Naidu is the man who was most worried after knowing about the facts of the survey in his native district of Chittoor conducted by TDP party itself for three days.

After the party’s survey predicted that it won’t win more than four seats, Naidu has his own survey repeated to know the exact results.

Survey was held on weekends with 12 questions format and the result was shocking to see majority of the people reacting negatively to the schemes of Government and their implementation.

Anti-incumbency and corruption are two key factors pushing TDP towards down fall and opposition to two sitting MLAs is another major reason for ruling party to worry.

MP Siva Prasad’s revolt also showed impact in the survey and now Naidu is chalking out new plans to come out from anti-incumbency and dissatisfaction over TDP.

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Naidu’s Action: Fast On IYR, No To JC

AP CM Naidu calculates how much vote bank gets affected before taking any disciplinary action. Silence on MP Diwakar and quick reaction on IYR proves the same.

Amaravati: AP CM Naidu always utters a word “ Wont Tolerate Indiscipline” in the party, but when it comes to action, there will be multiple calculations in Naidu’s mind.

Sacking IYR Kirshna Rao in less than 24 hours after TDP fans put pressure on Naidu shows how calculative he is.

Recently TDP MP Diwakar Reddy created ruckus at Vizag airport by manhandling Indigo airlines staff. The news was highlighted at national level. There was a huge criticism against Diwakar Reddy for his unruly behaviour. Naidu reacted slowly, that too in party’s internal meeting, by saying Diwakar Reddy’s attitude gave party a black mark.

But he did not come out openly against Diwakar Reddy when he was in Andhra. Naidu’s statement too came after Diwakar Reddy flew to Europe leaving all things behind.

Naidu might have some fears that he may lose strong vote bank in Ananthpur District if any disciplinary action is taken against the MP. JC brothers are strong in Tadipathri and a few rural areas in Ananthpur district. This is the main reason for Naidu’s silence on JC.

Same scenario in Vizag land scam. When Ayyanapatrhudu came out openly on Ganta Srinivas Rao and his allegations against the minister are too serious. Naidu neither condemned nor had a word with Ganta. Once again vote bank politics.

When there was an assault by TDP MP and MLA on RTA chief at Vijayawada, Naidu closed the issue without any disciplinary action against them and just by making the TDP leaders say ‘sorry.’

Even on Nandyala by-poll, Naidu calculated ups and down and reacted on Shilpa Mohan Reddy who served the party for many years.

So, there is nothing surprise in sacking IYR without hearing his explanation as IYR belongs to a community which has less vote bank in AP.

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  1. June 21, 2017

    […] for IYR Krishna Rao, the sacked chairman of AP Brahmin Welfare Corporation. But yet, Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu had to sack the respected IAS officer unceremoniously. […]

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JC Ruckus At Vizag Airport: Naidu Seeks Explanation

AP CM Naidu sought TDP MP Diwakar Reddy’s explanation after the Vizag airport incident was taken up by the national media.

Amaravati: It is an absolutely hectic and headache day for AP CM Naidu who was busy with Corodination meet with party leaders. He took action against MLC Deepak Reddy and reviewed the political scene before by-poll in Nandyala.

Finally, Naidu sacked MLC Deepak Reddy from the party, but within no time, Deepak’s uncle MP Diwakar Reddy’s ruckus at Vizag airport has become a hot topic on national TV news channels.

Diwakar Reddy who has to leave for Hyderabad in Indigo airlines from Vizag reached airport at 7.41 am with the flight scheduled to depart at 8.05 am. He came to know through Indigo staff that Boarding Pass counter has been closed and told the MP that he will be accommodated in next flight.

Immediately Diwakar Reddy became angry and started abusing the staff, tried to break the printer which was on the table. Then he pushed an employee into a cabin and bolted the door. The footage shown by TV channels proved that he assaulted an employee. He spoke to Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Ganapatiraju Raju who was present at Vizag airport at that time. The minister has spoken to some one and the MP got a boarding pass and travelled to Hyderabad by the same flight.

This incident came to Naidu’s notice when he was in the middle of the coordination meeting.
Naidu has asked the MP to give an explanation for the rowdy act.

Diwakar Reddy immediately attended press conference and said that he did not misbehave with anyone. He further said that if flight is still there, why did the staff close the boarding pass counter?

When a reporter questioned MP that CCTV footage clearly shows that he misbehaved with the staff, Diwakar Reddy became angry on that reporter and asked him to forget about the CCTV footage and his word is final.

The incident happened when Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju was inside airport. Minister was scheduled to travel from Vizag to Vijayawada.

Neither the minister tried to stop JC’s ruckus nor intervene on behalf of the aggrieved staff. This led to severe criticism against Ashok Gajapathi Raju.

Now strict rules againt the unruly passengers were implemented by Airlines after Shiva Sena MP Gaekwad misbehaved with Air India staff few months ago.

Will JC becomes the first MP to get the “ NO-FLY” slap?

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  1. July 10, 2017

    […] It may be recalled that various airlines had announced a ban on the TDP MP from flying on their aircraft. This was after he had created a ruckus last month when representatives of IndiGo refused to issue him a boarding pass, as he had arrived “very late” at the Visakhapatnam Airport on June 15. Enraged, Diwakar reportedly shouted at the staff, pushed a senior IndiGo official aside and apparently tried to smash a printer on the floor.   More: JC Ruckus At Vizag Airport: Naidu Seeks Explanation […]

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Shantha Sinha Accuses Naidu Of Breaking Law

AP CM Naidu posts photo of a 13 yr old alleged sexual abuse survivor which amounts to breaking the law as per National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

Amaravati: On April 14th, a teenager by name Sheela (name changed) was abducted by a BSF jawan , Nageshwara Rao and taken to Kashmir. After 45 days of hard and tough operation, Guntur police were successful in bringing back the child and in arresting the accused.

Nageshwara Rao claimed that he married the girl and forcibly held her with him all these days.
The minor met CM Naidu along with Nannapaneni Rajakumari, AP Women’s Commission Chairperson. Sheela’s parents were also present when they met CM.

But a picture which was published in social media of TDP upset the social activists. The picture includes CM Naidu posing with Sheela and her parents and content with Naidu’s promise of financial assistance.

As per activists, Sheela is a minor and a victim of sexual abuse and it is against law to reveal her identity in public. Shantha Sinha, a renowned child rights activist said that revealing her name in public will lead to defame and disgrace in public. She further said that even media can’t carry her photo neither can any other public platform. The girl is too young and may not realise the consequences now but tomorrow if she does not like the photo she had with CM, she may change her mind.

Shantha cited Nirbhaya case as an example and said that minor has her face covered during court trail and her identity ws not revealed.

As per section 23(2) of the POCSO Act “ No reports in any media shall disclose the identity of child, including his/her name , address, photograph, school, neighbourhood or any other particulars which may led to identity of child except if special court permits during trail”.

According to Indian Law, sex with a person below 18 years is rape and as far as publishing the photo of the victim is concerned, it is violation of Juvenile Justice Act, as per Sunitha Krishnan, co-founder of Prajwala which deals with rehabilitation and reintegration of sex trafficked victims into society. She also said that child should be under psycho-social support until she gets adjusted to normal life.

There is a different opinion on the photo of CM in social activists. Some felt that there is nothing wrong in CM posing with girl as it was done with the interest of the survivor.

It is absolutely wrong in posting a sexually abused girl in party’s social media for political, publicity gain, felt many activists.

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Naidu, Learn From Modi About VVIP Culture

AP CM Naidu who always speaks about seniority in politics should learn how to treat public after reading this item

Kakinada: Yesterday in Kakinada, Ambulance was stopped for more than 20 minutes to let Naidu’s convoy pass. Naidu has a habitat of giving lectures on morality in politics and of leaders. Even just prior to the incident, he gave a speech on his commitment towards developing a capital city that’ll ensure wealth, health and happiness to it’s people. This was just practical if we observe the ironical incident of ambulance.

PM Modi, when he was coming from the African bank development event in Gandhinagar in the last week of May, he ordered his fleet of cars to stop and change the lane by seeing an ambulance behind him.

He broke the security protocol and put his security at stake by doing this. This remarkable gesture by Indian PM is an example for leaders like Naidu who suffers with inferiority complex as pointed out by congress leader Vundavalli Arun kumar.

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VVIP Culture: Ambulance Stopped for AP CM Naidu’s Convoy

In Kakinada Ambulance was stopped for more than 20 minutes to let Naidu’s convoy pass.

Kakinada: Just few hours after AP CM Naidu pledged that he will develop a capital city that will ensure health, wealth and happiness to the people, here is an ironical incident which angered people of whole state.

This incident with ambulance waiting with patient inside was shot in camera by a local boy Pawan Kumar who posted in social media.

Video clearly shows that ambulance was being stuck in traffic which was held up for CM’s convoy.

Even though Pawan requested police to make way for police, they refused. This video was attracting criticism all over India with many pointing out Naidu’s VVIP culture.

The above statement by Naidu on the eve of Navanirman Deeksha looks to be ironical, isn’t it?

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Deepak Reddy case: Why Is Naidu silent?

AP CM Naidu who suspended Nellore MLC immediately after CBI raids was silent on Deepak Reddy issue who was arrested in land scam on Wednesday.

Amaravati: AP CM Naidu is in deep trouble now with scams defaming party day by day. On one side he was facing critics not only from opposition parties but also from TDP’s ally BJP for a few days over the poll promises. Leaving it aside, now Naidu is facing internal trouble with their leaders getting out one by one on sand mafia and land mafia.

Recently CBI raids were conducted on Nellore TDP MLC Vakati Narayana Reddy for defaulting loans to banks. Naidu immediately suspended him from the party and stated that he won’t tolerate any body if any party leader is involved in crime.

Yesterday MLC Deepak Reddy, nephew of MP Diwakar Reddy, was arrested in a major land scam and forgery case. But Naidu until now is silent on this incident. JC brothers are powerful, senior leaders in Rayalaseema, particularly in Ananthpur district, is this main reason for the silence of Naidu? Is he calculating vote bank repercussions if any action is taken on Deepak?

People are questioning the dual standards of Naidu in Vakati and Deepak’s case.

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Naidu suffers From Inferiority Complex: Vundavalli

Former MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar ridicules Chandrababu Naidu for claiming to be the senior most politician in the country.

Hyderabad: Former Congress MP from Rajahmahendravram, Vundavalli Arun Kumar, is known for his criticism against ruling TDP, especially against Naidu. He went on digging holes into Naidu’s image during late YSR regime and once again he became hot topic a day after dispatching arrows at TDP for its corruption.

Vundavalli flayed Naidu for the leakage in AP assembly building. He asked why Naidu had to block media persons from entering the Assembly building. Vundavalli felt that Naidu is suffering from a lot of insecurity and inferiority complex.

He advised Naidu to stop talking of seniority as Buchhiah Chowdary is more senior than him in TDP. Vundavalli also reminded Naidu that if he was chief minister for 12 years, in the neighbouring Odesha, Naveen Patnaik has been a CM for more years. He is in his fourth term. In Tamil Nadu, M Karunanidhi, the DMK supremo, had celebrated the other day when he completed six decades of being a member of Assembly. What way Naidu can boast he is the senior most politician in the country?

Meanwhile , blocking media also led to criticism.

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⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Video: Watch The Rain Water In Jagan’s AP Assembly Office

Naidu’s words that Amravati will be the best capital in India looks like a joke after observing this video which shows the leakages in AP Assembly for just a moderate rain.

Amaravati: A picture with two women cleaning water from a marbled floor with the water leaks from the roof of a building is witnessed at Amaravati on Tuesday. Don’t get surprised, it is not a house, it is the office of the leader of Opposition Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy in the newly constructed AP Assembly. Complex.

Video was posted by YSRCP in Facebook which shows several leakages in the office. This video was posted with a message, “If this is the situation for small rain, what will happen when monsoon starts?” YSRCP also came out with a critic in its own style by saying” this is what our ‘International Intellectual’ has constructed”.

Building which was inaugurated by Naidu in March this year was completed in 192 days along with the building of Legislative Council close to the secretariat at Velagapudi.

Naidu who speaks about Hi tech has no answer to this. AP people are shocked to see this video. They say if this is the situation of Assembly what will be the fate of the Capital?

Well, no answer for that at this point, but will this building stand heavy monsoon without any hurdle for winter sessions? God Knows.

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Jagan Getting Ready With A Master Stroke Against Naidu

AP opposition lead YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is returning from his foreign trip to use the weapon provided by Amit Shah.

Hyderabad: YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who will return from New Zealand very soon will hit Naidu with a master stroke as per political analysts. Thanks to Amit Shah who gave way to Jagan for this opportunity.

When Amit Shah toured AP, he claimed that centre has given ₹ 1.5 lakh crore to ₹ 2.3 lakh crore to AP for the past three years.

Naidu, who is partner of BJP did not condemn the statement by Shah as was done by KCR. This will be propagated by YSRC. With this TDP will be cornered and Jagan will benefit. On the other hand, Naidu in a speech at Amaravati on Sunday said that the Centre has given only ₹ 3980 crores for the development of the state.

There is no matching of numbers between Shah’s and Naidu’s statements. We have to see how Jagan will take this into public to encash the anti incumbency and false statements of TDP government.

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Act Against Naidu, Mudragada Urges Modi

Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to act against AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for non-implementation of the promise of reservations for Kapu community.

Rajamahendravaram: Mudragada Padmanabham wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking action against AP CM Naidu for not fulfilling his promises made while coming into power.

There should be a legal sanctity to the poll promises and it should be ensured that they are fulfilled within two years after coming to power.

He further added in the letter that they should be prosecuted and made accountable to public if they fail to fully implement the promises made during election campaign.

Mudragada is planning a walkathon on July 26th from Kirlampudi to Amaravathi demanding the promise of Kapu reservations to be fulfilled. Mudragada is keeping up pressure on Naidu and has a plan to increase the stir with just less than two years left for next elections.

Amaravathi will witness first caste-based stir in July from Kapu community.

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Naidu Meets US Congressman Raja

Chikago: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu met U.S Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi. He is the first South Indian U.S Congressman.

Mr. Raja who is a Harvard Law graduate, represents the district that encompasses Chicago O’Hare Airport and was also deputy Attorney General for the State of Illiniois. The chief minister thanked Raja Krisnamoorthi for being a staunch supporter of the Telugu community. Naidu has invited Krishnamoorthi to visit Andhra Pradesh and Amaravati as a state guest.

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Naidu Meets Dean Of Stanford University

Chandrababu Naidu said he is a member of Stanford family by association and requested the university to be a knowledge partner of AP.
Naidu with Lloyd B Minor

California: Dr. Lloyd in his opening remarks said that they are specialists in precision care and that they want to completely change the very nature of health care to one of personalized care focused on keeping people healthy.

Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu mentioned that he always admired Stanford for its academic excellence which prompted him to encourage his son to pursue his higher studies here. “Infact my daughter in law is also from here and I claim that I am a member of the Stanford family by association,” said the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister stated that he always believes that only education will change the future of the society.  He mentioned that a number of innovative things are being implemented in Andhra Pradesh and that under his leadership the government was using technology in administration and governance. “Andhra Pradesh will be a knowledge State and we are determined to achieve this,” the Chief Minister said.

The Chief Minister said that for Andhra Pradesh to grow at 15% every year, we would like to have Stanford as our knowledge partners. Later Mr. Ajay Jain made a presentation on Andhra Pradesh.

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Naidu Reaches US, Holds Talks With Flextronics CEO

AP CM Naidu had reached the US for his 10-day tour and was received by the Non-Resident Telugus. On the first day, Naidu held talks with Flextronics CEO and invited him to invest in Amaravati.

Amaravati: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had arrived in the US for his 10-day long tour to mobilise investments for Andhra Pradesh. He was given a rousing reception by the Non-Resident Telugus as he arrived along with his 15-member delegation. On the first day, Naidu met Flextronics Chief Executive Officer Mike McNamara.

The Chief Minister briefed Mike on the opportunities available in Amaravati for investment. He gave a detailed presentation of the resources available in the State and the vision of the government to invite investments. He also presented the vision of the new capital, Amaravati. He said that the Andhra Pradesh is well connected by road, rail, air and waterways and has abundant natural resources. He further said that AP has skilled manpower readily available which is not there in other parts of the country.

The Chief Minister also explained to him the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ tag given to the State by the Central government.

When Mike said that they were planning to reach out to Amaravati, the Chief Minister said that it was the right time for them to invest in the new capital. The presence of Flex in Visakhapatnam was also referred during the talks and the Chief Minister requested Mike to expand their base in the State by investing in Amaravati. The Chief Minister also briefed Mike about the digital initiatives of the State government and added that the situation would be of great advantage for the Flex to invest in the State.

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Medical Fee Hike by AP Govt. Comes Under Sharp Criticism

The AP Government has increased the fee for the PG medical courses. The increase is three to four times and it is all set to be a greater burden on the people, even the reservation candidates whose financial position is comparatively low

Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh Government had given a rude shock to the students aspiring to pursue PG medical education from the current academic year.

The government has increased the fee three to four times making it near impossible for several students to think of PG medical and dental education in the state.

The fee for the convenor quota seats, which are allocated on the basis of merit duly following the rule of reservation, too is increased, while the fee of the management quota seats is kept out of reach of the students from the state.

The government had increased the fee of the convener quota seats from the present Rs 3.20 lakh a year to Rs 6.90 lakh.
The fee for the management quota seats was also increased from the present Rs 5.25 lakh to Rs 24.20 lakh. As if this hike is not enough, the government has allowed the private college managements to increase the fee of Category C seats to a whopping Rs 2.16 crore per year.

This would mean the students who secured admission into the PG course under convener quota would have to pay Rs 20.70 lakh, and the management quota students would have to pay Rs 72.20 lakh to complete the course.

The steep hike is seen as denial of PG medical education for the students who come from the weaker sections and those from the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. Even if the seats were allocated on the basis of merit, the students would have to pay this whopping fee, which is not possible in the given poorer financial background of their families.

“It is highly objectionable and condemnable. The present hike has kept the PG medical education out of the reach of the students from the weaker sections. No parent from the SC, ST and BC categories would be able to pay Rs 21 lakh to get PG medical education for the child,” said CPI AP secretary K Ramakrishna.

In an open letter, the CPI leader asked the government to withdraw the fee hike and make it available for the people. He also wanted the government to improve the facilities in all the government hospitals making health available for all the people.

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AP CM Naidu Bags US-India Biz Council Award.

Chandrababu Naidu is going to receive another award in the US for his contribution to furthering the India-US partnership.

Amaravati: AP CM’s role in advancing the US-India partnership at the state level has been recognised and will be honoured with “Transformative Chief Minister Award”, a statement said.

Award will be presented to Naidu on May 8th during the USIBC West Coast Summit at Silicon Valley.

As per USIBC, this summit will convene 150 industry leaders of different sectors from India, who will discuss on Internet Of Things (IoTS), Smart City and manufacturing issues.

Summit will feature Union Cabinet Minister for Food Processing Harsimrat Kaur Badal and Ministry of Electronics and IT Aruna Sundarajan.

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Jagan Hits Hard At Naidu On Betraying People

YSR Congress president Jagan Mohan Reddy criticised Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for betraying people of all sections after coming to power.

Amaravati: Leader of Opposition and YSR Congress President Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy launched his two-day protest at Guntur on Monday. Taking a dig at the Telugu Desam Government in the State for neglecting the farmers, he held the government responsible for the increasing suicides of the farmers.

The steep fall in the prices of the chillies, turmeric, black gram, red gram and mangoes in the State was due to the failure of the government, he said. He also took Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to target for not implementing the promise of price stabilisation fund.

Jagan Mohan Reddy came down heavily on Chandrababu Naidu for going back on all his promises. He said that Naidu had promised total loan waiver for the farmers, self-help group women and the weavers during the election, and had promised to create price stabilisation fund with Rs 5,000 crore.

However, after coming to power the promises were either ignored or implemented partially leading to major crisis in the State, he said.

Jagan accused Naidu of pushing the State into crisis on all fronts with farmers, weavers and self-help group women committing suicides.

The YSR Congress leader sought to draw attention of the people toward the struggles of the farmers at the market yards where they were forced to destroy their crops in distress. He wondered why the ruling TDP leaders, including the ministers have failed to take a look at the farmers waiting in the market yards.

Jagan said that the ministers were visiting the market yards only after he visited the yard in Guntur on April 24. He alleged that the TDP leaders and the government of working only to counter him and not to help the people.

Jagan Mohan Reddy while stating that the TDP Government would not extend any help to the farmers or people wanted them to wait for the next elections. He said that the YSR Congress would come to power in the State and address all their problems.

Jagan also wanted people to start counting the days of the TDP misrule in the State.

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Jagan, Naidu Start to Chalk Out Their Poll Plans

The election heat is slowly creeping up in Andhra Pradesh, after the court had rejected CBI’s plea of YS Jagan’s bail cancellation

Amaravati: The election heat is slowly creeping up in Andhra Pradesh, after the court had rejected CBI’s plea of YS Jagan’s bail cancellation.

There was a big groundwork, well planned by the ruling party, to hit YSRC cadre psychologically since a few days by showing CBI’s plea. However at the end, the strategy seemed not work well for the ruling party.

As per sources, TDP tried to woo YSRC MLAs to join their party by threat, and by using sops. They have also made efforts to discourage the party men by contending that Jagan would be once again behind the bars.

The TDP leaders of Krishna and Guntur districts have even planned for a huge rally with fireworks if the court ruled against the opposition leader.

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has been facing rough weather on various issues, including issues like Special Category Status, Farmer suicides, Agri Gold, Aqua Food Park agitation at Thondurru, and last but not least, Kapu Reservations agitation.

Though there is no major threat right now for Naidu, he is not taking any issue lightly. He wants to remove the thorn (Jagan) for the next election, as he thinks it may stick to his flesh any time.

After the Court’s decision, the TDP Supremo is now planning to organize mini Mahanadu at Kadapa to hit Jagan once again mentally. Naidu wants to sweep jagan’s bastion, after the confidence he had gained from his kadapa MLC seat victory. Naidu’s move will attract the mindset of the voters, as per TDP sources.

On the flip side, Opposition leader, who received a breather from the High Court, is planning different strategies to overcome Naidu.

Jagan, who is planning a family trip to New Zealand, is calculating CBI’s next move. If CBI fails to make any counter in short span, Jagan will have a chance to go public with his sympathy wave: If he made any mistake, the Court would have pushed him behind the bars.

But it will be tough for the opposition leader to overtake Naidu for right now. Efforts to rope in Prashanth Kishore for publicizing on Social Media or to implement Kishore’s strategy for upcoming elections will be of little help. Naidu is now on safe seat with no hurdles immediately from Jagan, Jana Sena or the BJP.

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Southern States Most Corrupt: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu top the list

A survey conducted by Centre for Media Studies has revealed that Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jammu Kashmir and Punjab thrive on corruption in accessing public services

New Delhi: Petty corruption in the country between 2013 and 2017 has been on a decline, found a new survey. The survey conducted by the Centre for Media Studies (CMS), said that the perception and experience of corruption in public services have been on a decline.

The study was released by NITI Aayog member Bibek Debroy. Around 3,000 households from over 200 rural and urban clusters of 20 States were surveyed as part of this.

Three south Indian States Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu; Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab were amongst the first ten States that experienced corruption in accessing public services. While Karnataka stood first with 77% of corruption, Andhra Pradesh 74%, Tamil Nadu 68%, Maharashtra 57%, Jammu Kashmir 44%, and Punjab with 42%.
The households across 20 States paid a bribe of Rs. 6350 crores in 2017 against 20,500 crores in 2005, to access 10 public services, the report said.

The key reasons for paying a bribe to access a public service remained the same between 2005 and 2017, said CMS chairman N Bhaskara Rao. This only points out that ground level issues were not taken into consideration while addressing corruption, he added.

Saying that they were producing reports on corruption for several years, Rao told that they wanted the NITI Aayog to take note of these as they are the policy makers.

Bihar (74%), Jammu, Kashmir (69%), Odisha (60%), Rajasthan (59%) and Tamil Nadu (59%) were the most corrupt cases in 2005, said CMS.

The institution also held a telephonic survey in January on the impact of demonetization with a random selection across 20 States. While fifty percent respondents felt the level of corruption between November –December last year has reduced, 12 percent opined that graft has increased during that time, while 21 per cent felt that there was no change in the situation, explained the survey.

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