Naidu urges Chinese to help for new capital

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu on Tuesday met International Department Central Committee of Communist Party of China (IDCPC) in Beijing today.

During the meeting, Minister Wang Jairuiwished the AP delegation and shared his recent experiences of India. He said Delhi had looked much cleaner in his recent trip than during his earlier visit. a�?Looks like the clean India campaign is working. India needs the infrastructure and the Chinese companies are good at it,a�? he said, adding a�?Ia��ve learnt that you are building a new State. I wish we developed a strong business and cultural relationship between the two countries.a�?

The Chief Minister on his third day of China visit met top executives of China Harbor Engineering Company. Mo Wenhe, chairman of the company, said their core business involves constructions of ports and airports. The company also has expertise in roads, railways and civil engineering. a�?Our road business is worth $60 billion,a�? Wenhe said. The company is keen on replicating Chinaa��s experience in APa��s infrastructure development, he said. a�?We are aware of APa��s advantages of long coastline, natural and mineral resources,a�? he added.

Lauding Chinaa��s rapid growth in the last 40 years, the Chief Minister has asked the company to explore the creation of a Chinese industrial park, which will have all Chinese firms under one roof. Explaining that Amaravathi is the new capital, the Chief Minister invited them to setup shops in the capital area. Later, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Soma Enterprises and China Harbor Engineering Company.

In a meeting with state-owned China Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC), Naidu asked the company to work with Andhra Pradesh in construction of dams and linking of rivers. The group has expertise in water conservancy, wind power, electromechanical installation, power transmission and transformation, highways, railways, bridges, municipal works, airports, ports, waterways, design, construction of industrial, civilian buildings and so on.

The Chief Minister suggested that the company could work closely with AP irrigation department in helping the State divert flood water draining into the sea to drought-hit areas of the State. The CGGC informed the Chief Minister that they could also look into funding and equity models for carrying out projects in Andhra Pradesh. The company executives informed the Chief Minister that they would stay in touch with the government through their India branch in New Delhi.

Naidu also met with a Guizhou delegation of Silk-road International Investment Corporation. The 40-billion dollarsilk-road fund is designed to finance China-proposed a�?Belt and Roada�?. A�a�?Belt and Roada�? refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR) initiatives proposed by China in 2013 for improved cooperation with countries in a vast part of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Guizhou is a province of the Peoplea��s Republic of China, located in the southwestern part of the country. Its provincial capital city is Guiyang.

The Guizhou delegation consisted of companies such as: Special Steel Company Ltd, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Electric Power Construction Company, Keda Clean Energy, Xiamen Huate Group Corproation, China Transmission, Innogreen, Shougang Guiyang Special Steel Co, Power Construction Corporation of China.

The leader of the delegation said they want to contribute to the development of Andhra Pradesh. a�?We have already made our representation to the Central government to invest in AP. We also invite AP companies to set up shop in our province,a�? he said.

Guizhou, which depends on big data and IT services, has the potential to become Chinaa��s IT services centre. a�?We look forward to combine our hardware advantages with Indiaa��s software strength,a�? the Guizhou province leader said. Since AP has a good human resource based in software, the leader added, Guizhou province wants to become a sister province to AP in software development. a�?We are also interested in wind power projects in AP,a�? the leader said.

Naidu welcomed the delegation to visit AP and set up an industrial park. a�?You can finalize the deal and announce it when our Prime Minister visits China next month,a�? the Chief Minister told the delegation. They replied in the affirmative. (NSS)

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