Naidu To Project Amaravati As A Symbol Of Pride

AP CM Naidu has decided to project Amaravati, the new capital, as the symbol of pride and Polavaram project as symbol of progress. Riding on the twin projects with an eye on the elections, Naidu has decided to launch this campaign from this Independence Day.
Naidu to Project Amaravati as a Symbol of Pride

Amaravati: Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is keen on projecting his two major projects this time, Amaravati, the capital city, and Polavaram Project as the lifeline of the state.

Naidu is set to launch a campaign from the Independence Day celebrations to take these twin projects close to the people. He is also planning to project these two as his core objectives that would keep the state ahead of others in the years to come.

Naidu has decided to promote Amaravati as the symbol of pride and Polavaram as the symbol of progress. The twin projects and the twin slogans are set to be the core issues of his next election manifesto, as well.

The new capital would have 13 major government buildings that reflect the culture and heritage of the 13 districts of the state. By giving representation to every district in the new capital, the chief minister is planning to subside the unrest among the people of other regions, particularly Rayaalseema and north Andhra, where a section of people have been blaming Naidu for promoting only Amaravati and neglecting the rest of the State.

Now, by giving representation to the culture and heritage of every district in the master plan, the chief minister believes that he could win the hearts of the people for his pet project.

The chief ministera��s Independence Day speech is going to be delivered at Tirupati this time around. The speech would contain a lengthy dedication to the twin projects of Amaravati and Polavaram. While promising a world class infrastructure in the new capital, the chief minister is likely to highlight the launch of the two major educational institutions — SRM and VIT — that have started operations in the capital.

The Amritanandamayi is also likely to start its operations this year. The chief minister is likely to promise a major share for the students of the 29 capital villages who have given their lands for the capital. He has already announced that the people of these villages would be considered the first citizen of the new world class capital. Giving priority in admissions for the local students would come as an added advantage, the TDP leaders believe.

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