Naidu Takes Steps to Put TDP Party In Order

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu took exception to the recent episodes of indiscipline in the party. According to sources, he held a meeting with senior and crucial leaders in the party to plan a strategy to put the house in order. However, field level reality is turning out to be totally different.

Amaravati: The party leaders, washing their dirty linen in public and criticizing the alliance partners, have created an indiscipline problem in the party. Leadersa�� misconduct has become a daily routine. At last, the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seems to have decided to control the leaders.

The indiscipline in TDP has come to light with the Vijayawada MP Kesineni episode. But during the time, Naidu stepped in and made him apologize to the Transport Commissioner Balasubramaniam, but the apology ended up miffing Nani. The issue however, subsided later.

Of late, the West Godavari MLAsa�� episode and the latest squabble between two groups in Prakasham District led to speculations that Naidu lost grip over his party.

While the MLAsa�� belonging to West Godavari District en masse surrendered their gunmen protesting against the police officers who booked a case against Tanuku MLA Radha krishna, the warring factions in Prakasam District belonging to Karanam Balaram and Gottipati Ravi resorted to fisticuffs before ministers who were present there.

The media was quick to highlight the incident that took place during the election of district president of the party. The fight was about the double murders that took place in Vemavaram recently.A� Both the factions have leveled allegations and literally got into a fight before the ministers.

As it is, disputes between these factions have become a headache to Naidu.

Naidu met with senior leaders at his residence and said to have discussed the comments of MP Kesineni Nani, and MLC Rajendra Prasad. He also warned the leaders that he would not tolerate if such issues were repeated.

The TDP chief also warned not to criticize or comment BJP leaders who are the TDPa��s alliance partners. Sources in the party said that he seriously warned that a stringent punishment would be given to those who violated his orders.

But, the leaders are not in a mood to relent. The latest episode in Prakasham District is the latest example. It has to be seen how Naidu will control these leaders.

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