Naidu Suffering From memory Loss: Mudragada

kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham said that AP CM Naidu is suffering from memory loss and needs reminders for everything.

Kakinada: It is all set for Kapu Agitation which will start from July 26th as per Mudragada who addressed media on Tuesday. According to him,” CHALO AMARVATI” paadayatra will start from Kirlampudi on July 26th with a demand for Kapu reservation. Mudragada is keeping up pressure on Naidu and has a plan to increase the intensity of stir with just less than two years left for next elections.

Mudragada further said that Naidu is suffering from memory loss and needs reminders frequently. Naidu;s attitude towards the issue is wrong and that is why we are launching this paadayatra as a movement for Kapu reservation, he further said.

Acitivists suffered a lot from police and government and bore the brunt keeping in view the interests of Kapus. But Naidu did not fulfil his promise even after three years as CM, Mudragada said.

Earlier Mudragada Padmanabham wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking action against AP CM Naidu for not fulfilling his promises made while coming to power.

There should be a legal sanctity to the poll promises and it should be ensured that they are fulfilled within two years after coming to power.

He further added in the letter that they should be prosecuted and made accountable to public if they fail to fully implement the promises made during election campaign.

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