Naidu Should Start Selling Coconuts: Kavitha

HYDERABAD: Member of Parliament Kavitha on Wednesday demanded inclusion of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chnadrababu Naidu as Accused No 1 (A1) in the infamous a�?Note for Votea�? issue that landed Telugu Desam leader from Telangana Revnath Reddy into jail.

She suggested that Naidu should open coconut shop by closing milk and vegetable shop (Heritage) and TD office in Telangana. It is better if Naidu sells coconuts during the developmental works being taken up by the TRS Government, she ridiculed.

Speaking to reporters here, she slammed the Telugu Desam and the Congress for crying foul on Telangana Government. These two parties, with no other go, and envious on Telangana developmental programs, are raising their voice for mileage, she said.

Kavitha expressed discontent on the remarks being made by the two parties against the TRS Government. She demanded that the government should make Naidu as A1, and instead give Revanth A2 in the case for speedy investigation.

She took exception to TPCC Chief Utham Kumar Reddy for giving five marks to one-year TRS rule.

Naidu pressed Revanth to bribe Stephenson for a favour in the MLC elections, she alleged. Since the footage of the a�?note for votea�? was clear that Revanth repeatedly disclosed his boss Naidua��s name and, the AP chief minister must be made accused number one she demanded.

Naidu is making dirty politics being envy of Telangana development, she rebutted. Despite any ill efforts by the AP Government, the Telangana leadership would continue to take up welfare measures, she asserted.

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