Naidu, Learn From Modi About VVIP Culture

AP CM Naidu who always speaks about seniority in politics should learn how to treat public after reading this item

Kakinada: Yesterday in Kakinada, Ambulance was stopped for more than 20 minutes to let Naidua��s convoy pass. Naidu has a habitat of giving lectures on morality in politics and of leaders. Even just prior to the incident, he gave a speech on his commitment towards developing a capital city that’ll ensure wealth, health and happiness to it’s people. This was just practical if we observe the ironical incident of ambulance.

PM Modi, when he was coming from the African bank development event in Gandhinagar in the last week of May, he ordered his fleet of cars to stop and change the lane by seeing an ambulance behind him.

He broke the security protocol and put his security at stake by doing this. This remarkable gesture by Indian PM is an example for leaders like Naidu who suffers with inferiority complex as pointed out by congress leader Vundavalli Arun kumar.

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