Naidu Keen On Completing Polavaram Project Fast

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu claimed that he has been monitoring the construction of Polavaram project visiting the site physically more than 15 times.
Naidu Keen On Completing Polavaram Project Fast

Visakhapatnam: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minster N. Chandrababu Naidu appears to be keen on completing the Polavaram project by 2019. The statistics he presented at Mahanadu, a three-day annual meet of the TDP being held in Visakhapatnam, lend credence to his interest in the project.

He said his government was striving hard to release water by gravity into the canals by next year itself. Stating that the project would come in useful to the people of Rayalaseema and Krishna delta, he said the project was accorded top priority by his government.

At the request of the TDP government, Prime Minster Narendra Modi agreed to declare it as a national project, he said. The PM kept the project on the fast track mode enabling the State to use NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) funds, Chandrababu Naidu claimed. “At my  instance, the Centre agreed to include seven mandals of Telangana in the newly formed AP in order to complete the project,” he claimed.

Giving the details at Mahanadu, he stated he was either visiting the project site or reviewing the construction works from Amravati, given the significance attached to the project. He claimed that he visited the site 16 times and reviewed 26 times from the Capital. Of the total 48 gates, erection of 16 gates was completed. Earth works, construction of coffer dam, concrete works were on the fast pace. The work could be seen online if anyone wanted to.

Earlier, Emmiganur MLA Jayanageswara Reddy proposed a resolution appreciating the efforts of the CM towards completing the project on time. While seconding the resolution, Pithapuram MLA SVSN Varma slammed the YSRCP leader Jagan Mohan Reddy for the latter’s alleged conspiracy in stalling the project.

Interestingly, a senior worker Rattayya instantly removed gold ornaments from his body and presented to the CM as his contribution towards construction of the Polavaram project. The CM and other dignitaries on the dais were moved by the selfless act of the worker.

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Mahanadu: Naidu Utters Jagan’s Name More Than Any Other

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu chanted the name of opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for more times than any other name in the recently held Mahanadu.

Visakhapatnam: TDP‘s Mahandu witnessed a strange name which does not belong to it. The name was uttered by TDP Supremo for nearly 507 times at Mahandu in Vizag in front of thousands of TDP volunteers which surprised everyone.

Name he chanted for many times was none other than his political rival, opposition leader Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.
Break down of the names Naidu chanted at Mahanadu:
Jagan: 507 times
YSR: 212 times
Sakshi: 18 times
YSRC party: 78 times
NTR: 83 times
TDP party: 161 times

YSRC cadre are enjoying after they heard their leader’s name from the mouth of Naidu for many times and celebrating the fact that they got free publicity. It is strange to see Naidu chanting opposition leader’s name leaving aside problems facing by the people of the state at Mahanadu.

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An ‘All Important Political Resolution’ Missing In Mahanadu

The 3-day Mahanadu ended without important political issue being discussed. The foot-soldiers went back to their homes without their opinion on political developments heard.

Visakhapatnam: The three-day Mahanadu of the ruling Telugu Desam Party drew to a close on Monday on a grand note. Heavily laden with speeches, the grass roots left for their home towns, having soaked in the sweat for at least two days in the sultry coastal weather.

The Mahanadu formally re-elected Chandrababu Naidu as the party’s national president for a second consecutive term. The meeting was a huge success in terms of turnout which principally constituted the foot soldiers of the party.

However, it is generally expected that a political organisation whose mass base is spread across two States and whose role in the national politics is significant, will have a political resolution on the current political situation and on a likely or unlikely political alliance in the upcoming elections in 2019, particularly with its present ally BJP.

The overseer of Mahanadu activities Ganta Srinivasa Rao stated, just a day before the start of the meeting, an all-important political resolution would be taken up on the third day. His statement remained a damp squib with nothing such significant development taking place on the concluding day. The resolution, contrary to the expectations of political observers, extended support to the PM’s proposed simultaneous elections, praised setting up of Niti Aayog and welcomed GST, among other issues.

It is expected that the issue of alliance with BJP would come up for discussion in Mahanadu following BJP’s national president Amith Shah’s visit to AP. The TDP supremo is well aware of the fact that Shah’s visit was aimed at strengthening the BJP in Andhra Pradesh.

Earlier in the month, Naidu’s arch rival Jagan Mohan Reddy met Modi and announced his support to the BJP’s presidential probable, taking TDP unawares. Modi’s appointment to Jagan raised suspicions about the political alliance between TDP and BJP in the State. The rumours that did rounds went to the extent that Modi will go in with YSRCP. Whether or not he will do so is a different matter altogether, but the placards displayed before the party supremo Amit Shah at Mahasammelan in Vijayawada clearly pointed to the dissent in the State unit of BJP over alliance with Telugu Desam. The BJP members exhibited their wish to sever ties with TDP in order for their party to get strengthened in the State.

Incidentally, the BJP national president told journalists in an informal chat on Sunday( just a day before Mahanadu was to take up an all-important political resolution )that a decision regarding the alliance between the BJP and the TDP would only be made just two months ahead of the 2019 polls.

Considering these developments, it was expected that a debate would take place in Mahanadu leading to adopting a resolution that it would be ready to sever ties with BJP, if it tilts towards YSRCP. Naidu, as always, remained quiet and eventually preferred to toe the same line that Shah adopted. He opted for continuing friendly ties with BJP despite a steadily growing dissent in BJP over tie-up with TDP. Sans a concrete resolution on the matter, the issue of alliance with its not-so-good friend was appeared to have been left to the discretion of the party’s supremo.

On the other hand, the TDP stepped up its criticism against Jagan as if to check any effort by BJP to have a tie-up with YSRCP. Party’s fledgling leader Nara Lokesh described Jagan as ‘Dongabbai’ (thief) in his address at Mahanadu. He charged Jagan with obstructing development in the State.

This being so, the three-day event was boasted by the party chief as the one which would forever remain in history. Other than bragging about the various schemes he took up and is taking up, lauding NTR as a legendary politician and a thespian and finally getting formally elected as the national president of the party, Naidu did not promote a much-needed discussion in Mahanadu on the issues of political importance. The speeches in support of resolutions centred round Chandrababu Naidu and his vision. As a critic remarked, a public meeting would have been suffice for revealing government schemes rather than a Mahanadu where in lower rung leaders and cadre were expected to have their voice heard  on all-important matters. After all, it is the idea behind holding an annual or biennial conference or a plenary be it TDP or any political organisation.

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Naidu Assures Reservations To Kapus

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu assured the agitated Kapu community that they would be granted reservations without hurting the interests of BCs.

Visakhapatnam: Telugu Desam national president and Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu announced his resolve to grant reservations to Kapus without causing any damage to the Backward Castes’ quota. As soon as Manjunatha Commission submits its report, the government would finalise reservations amicable to all, he assured on the third day of Mahanadu on Monday in Visakhapatnam while summing up a discussion on welfare policies being implemented to various sections of the people of AP. Chandrababu Naidu maintained that it was his responsibility to ensure no social group was politically oppressed and subjected to discrimination.

As for technological advancement, Naidu said life was made easy with the kind of applications (mobile) smart phones unfolded. He urged all the people to buy smart phones that would immensely help them in finding immediate solutions to their problems. He envisaged digital classrooms in government schools, drones for surveillance of reservoirs and other water bodies, sensors for weather forecasting, pocket cameras for police and apps to advise farmers as to which crop is beneficial to them in that particular season. Referring to Delhi CM Kejriwal, he attributed social media for his becoming the CM of Delhi for the first time. He lost in the subsequent election since he lacked originality, he observed. “Telugu Desam has originality and the ability use social media,” he felt.

‘Drones May Be Used For Transporting Bombs’

“For fear of being used for transporting bombs through drones, I limit the use of drones to government services only,” he said in a lighter vein. While laying emphasis on employing technology in all the fields, he issued a word of caution to the cadre. “Personal touch plays as much important role as that of technology. One must keep this in mind,” he said.

Police need to get rid of their old practice of using rough language with people. Police will be given miniature cameras which can be fastened to their shirts. Every conversation would be recorded, even that of complainant, he said in another light-hearted moment.

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Telangana Gets Its Space In Naidu’s Speech at Mahanadu

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu may have gone out of Hyderabad. But Hyderabad has not gone out of him. Even in AP Mahanadu being held in Vizag, Naidu spoke boastfully of his contribution to the growth of Hyderabad.
Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Visakhapatnam: The inaugural speech of the Telugu Desam supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu at Mahanadu on Saturday sounded boastful with regard to the development of Telangana, once a part of United Andhra Pradesh. Stating that Hyderabad was generating a huge income that could be seen nowhere, he said it was because of the foundation their party laid when it was in power. The construction of Cyberabad, the laying of outer ring road, the building of airport and educational institutions were the initiatives that the party took, he added.

“I was ridiculed when I took initiatives to construct High Tech City in Hyderabad. Now Hyderabad has turned into a knowledge society,” he told the delegates of the Mahanadu.

As for irrigation projects in Telangana, he stated that his government accorded priority to Madhavareddy Lift Irrigation and completed it on time. “We have given priority to all the projects including Devadula, Kalwakurthi, Nettempadu, Koyala Sagar and Bheema projects,” he asserted. In Telangana and Rayalaseema we set up an elementary school in every kilometer area, an upper primary school in 3 km distance, a high school in 5km periphery, a junior college in every mandal, an engineering college in each revenue division and a medical college in each district. Education saw an enormous development in Telangana and Andhra regions because of their efforts, he stated.

He criticized the Congress party for bifurcating the State irrationally and said he was not against any such decision. But it was his feeling that people of any region should not be meted out injustice. Saying that Mahanadu held in Hyderabad to which he attended was a success, he attributed it to the Telangana TDP leaders and cadres.

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Mahanadu To Pass A Resolution Seeking Bharata Ratna For NTR

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has been making Mahanadu pass a resolution urging the Central Government to confer the highest civilian award,Bharata Ratna, on NTR. This year also he did it dutifully.
Mahanadu To Pass A Resolution Seeking Bharata Ratna For NTR

Visakhapatnam: The Telugu  Desam party national president N. Chandrababu Naidu called upon the Mahanadu to adopt a unanimous resolution seeking the Union Government to confer Bharata Ratna posthumously on the late Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, the founder of the party. In his inaugural address at Mahanadu being held in Visakhapatnam, Naidu lauded the contributions made by the late Chief Minister of Unified Andhra Pradesh.

Citing the abolition of Patel-Patwari system and introduction of Mandals by NTR, Chandrababu said “He was not an individual; he was indeed a mighty force. He was always innovative in his ideas and deeds.”  All his deeds remain forever in the history, he lauded. Keeping in mind the state of the poor, NTR implemented Rs 2-a-kg rice scheme. Having realized the need to tap the potential in ‘Mattilo Manikyalu’, he set up residential schools and social welfare hostels for the children of the poor, he said. By offering a saree and a Dhoti to each of the poor at free of cost in the state, he on the other hand provided employment to the numerous weavers.

NTR was the first Chief Minster in the country to give permanent accommodation for the poor in pecca houses, he said. Lavishing praise on NTR, he further added, he will be forever remembered by the people in both the Telugu states. He never compromised with the Congress at any time.  When his government was dismissed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi government, he fought against her valiantly and got reinstated with in thirty days. He was the only Chief Minster who got reinstated in the Indian polity, he said. “We need to give a fitting tribute to him by honouring him with Bharata Ratna. Let us unanimously pass a resolution seeking the Centre to confer Bharata Ratna on him,” he urged the delegates.

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Mahanadu: Actor Kavita Miffed At TDP Leaders’ Attitude, Walks Out

Film actor-turned-politician Kavitha has walked out of Mahanadu in a huff when the organisers did not invite her to sit on the dais.

Visakhapatnam: As Mahanadu started on a high note on Saturday, a few leaders expressed dissatisfaction about the treatment meted out  to them. The first person to be vocal about the ill-treatment that is being given to her was actor-turned-politician Kavitha. She got hurt when she was not invited on to the dais. She got up and left the venue immediately. She also said that she is unable to take the humiliations meted out to her.

Saying that she was invited on to the dais as long as Telugu Desam was in opposition, she expressed anger that she was being sidelined after the party came to power. What kind of attitude and behaviour is this, she asked. Though Kavita has been expressing her dissatisfaction towards the party, no one tried to pacify her. Sources are saying that she got fed up with all this and was annoyed. Speaking to media persons Kavita has broken out.

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Mahanadu: Naidu Says Telugus Should Remember Him

Annual event of Telugu Desam Party – Mahanadu- kicked off in Visakhapatnam amid a lot of fanfare. Naidu has listed his achievements in Hyderabad and promised to do wonders in Amaravati.

Visakhapatnam:  The annual three-day event of the Telugu Desam Party – Mahanadu kicked off here on Saturday amid a lot of fanfare. The event organised at Andhra University Engineering College premises will conclude on Monday. The ruling party made extensive arrangements for the cadre and leaders.  A number of people attended the event beating the heat.

Speaking on the occasion, the party supremo and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu called upon the cadre to work to fulfil the aims of NTR. He said that people come first and then the next place is for the cadre.  Saying that he is one person whom the Telugu people should remember, he asserted that he is following NTR’s footsteps to develop Andhra Pradesh.

He said that a resolution will be passed demanding Bharata Ratna for NTR.

“The UPA government only promised special status to AP instead giving it a legal status. The present government at Centre though did not promise special status, it assured all facilities applicable to special status, so I’ve compromised with Centre,” Naidu explained the cadre. For the sake of development of the State, I’ve invited many US companies to AP for creating jobs for the youth, he added.

He said that many people suspected his intentions when he built the high-tech city, Naidu claimed that the present development in Hyderabad is due to his efforts.  He said that he put in a lot of efforts for development of IT sector.  He also claimed that it is Telugu Desam which laid the foundation for the income that Hyderabad is presently earning.

Telugu Desam Party gave a lot of importance to the field of education, he observed. As a result of this, both Telugu States are much ahead of others as far as education is concerned, he added.  Apart from this, TDP also gave importance to irrigation projects in Rayalaseema and Telangana, Naidu said.

After the State was bifurcated Andhra Pradesh received 45 awards at the national level, he said. The power sector got 19 awards, he added. However, he said that AP is much behind as far as per capita income is concerned, Naidu regretted.  While Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu are earning more income, Andhra Pradesh has is getting less, he explained.  There is a need to work hard to develop ourselves, he told the cadre.

Claiming that farmers have surrendered ₹ 40,000 crores worth of lands to the government, trusting him and his call for construction of the capital city, he affirmed that he would do anything to retain their trust.

Naidu declared that he would work to increase the income of farmers. Saying that he understood the problems of poor during his Padayatra, he claimed that loan waiver was implemented for farmers in a big way to avoid suicides of farmers.  He also claimed that crop insurance and support price is being given to farmers despite many problems.

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Mahanadu: Vizag Wears Festive Look

All arrangements have been made in Vizag for Mahanadu of the TDP to be started on Saturday morning. The port city wore a festive look with thousands of delegates pouring in.

Visakhapatnam: With just hours ahead for Telugu Desam Party’s  Mahanadu to commence, the port city is spruced up with yellow flags, banners and billboards welcoming thousands of delegates from across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The three-day plenary ‘Mahanadu’ will begin on Saturday morning here in the city in Andhra University Engineering College grounds.

Party national president N. Chandrababu Naidu is expected to arrive at 9:20 am by flight. Party sources said he would stay in the port guest house before heading for the venue. After inaugurating a blood donation camp and a photo exhibition at the venue, he will be invited to address the delegates. The presidents of the party of AP and Telangana K.Kala Venkatrao and L. Ramana will also speak.

A big stage has been built to accommodate about 200 speakers at one time. The stage is flanked by the paintings of Polavaram project and High Tech City signifying the contribution of the party chief Chandrababu towards development.

Various committees under the leadership of senior leaders and ministers have been working twenty-four seven for making the Mahanadu a grand success. A food preparation committee under the aegis of Minister for Panchayat Raj Ch. Ayyannapatrudu is on the job to provide the delegates with a sumptuous meal with delicacies prepared in the typical East Godavari and Krishna style. The volunteers served various culinary delights to about four thousand workers on a trial basis at the venue on Friday in order to test the taste of the food and also to ensure the arrangements are flawless on Saturday. Separate gates have been arranged to make sure a hassle-free entry for VIPs and delegates.

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TDP Is All Set For Mahanadu In Visakhapatnam

AP Human Resource Development Minister Ghanta Srinivasa Rao told media person that preparations are complete for the 3-day long Mahanadu at Vizag to be started on May 27.

Visakhapatnam: The Telugu Desam is all set for Mahanadu, the 3-day annual plenary meet, to be held from May 27 in Andhra University Engineering College grounds. Nearly 25 thousand members of the party are expected to take part in the meetings wherein key issues such as political alliance with BJP in the 2019 may come up for discussion, following BJP’s determined position to strengthen its hold in Telugu states.

Telugu Desam leader and Minister for Human Resources Ganta Srinivasa Rao told the media on Thursday that the party invited 13557 grass root workers in addition to the nine thousand workers who already registered with the party for participation both from AP and Telangana. All the arrangements including accommodation, meals and parking for vehicles are in place.

About five thousand hotel rooms have been booked for providing accommodation for the party leaders, sources said.  The party is even hiring marriage halls given the huge number of participants.

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Can TDP In Telangana Be Rejuvenated?

Mahanadu of Telangana TDP held in Hyderabad on Wednesday was a lacklustre show indicating that the party at present is only a shadow of what it was three years ago.

Hyderabad: Once upon a time when Telugu Desam Party held Mahanadu, it was like a festival. A lot of hangama was seen across the State with posters and banners of various leaders hailing their leader and inviting the cadre.

But the Telangana Mahanadu was a lacklustre show. It only pointed how weak Telugu Desam Party has become in Telangana. No mass leader was seen on the dais except Revanth Reddy.

It is a known fact that TDP was weakened by Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) supremo K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR)’s ‘aakarsha’scheme. Almost all the leaders who had a mass base in Telangana crossed the floor and became ministers in TRS government.

The flop show of Mahanadu also pointed out how the party was neglected by the party supremo Chandrababu Naidu in Telangana. As the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Naidu was busy with foreign tours and governance of the State and did not have time to concentrate in Telangana.

Especially after the note for vote scam involving Naidu and Revanth, the party’s image touched its low. With ACB court directing ACB of Telangana State to probe into the role of the accused in the case, the party image virtually got decimated. However, after the courts have set aside the orders passed, leaders were able to breathe freely.

In this context, the leaders did not concentrate on moulding  new leaders in Telangana State and retaining the cadre, which is demoralised. While most of the cadre crossed the floor along with their leaders, the party did not try to rejuvenate the existing cadre and get new people into the party.

Though Naidu declared that he would come to Hyderabad and concentrate on Telangana, it will be highly difficult for him to do so, given the internal conflicts that are raging on in the party in Andhra Pradesh. The party is not doing so well in AP too. The glaring example of indiscipline is evident recently when two factions in Prakasam district resorted to fisticuffs during district party president elections. Recently there were more such incidents which saw the light, shocking the public.

Meanwhile, KCR on Wednesday evening occupied the media space at a peak time, i.e. when Naidu arrived at Mahanadu and started his speech. The media too chose the CM as it did not want to be in his bad books and ignored Naidu for more than an hour. Not even scroll of Mahanadu events was seen on Television Channels.

Analysts say that this is a Machiavellian act of KCR; he not only blocked Naidu but also attacked BJP president Amit Shah. Like two birds with one shot. Obviously, before the kind of emotional speech and criticism made by KCR, Naidu’s speech looked pale and shallow.

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TDP To Hold Mahanadu In Vizag Despite Opposition From Student Associations

Deputy chief minister Holds Bhoomi Puja In AU Engineering College Grounds.

Visakhapatnam: Despite opposition from some student associations, the Telugu Desam leadership has decided to hold its three-day Mahanadu in AU Engineering College grounds beginning from May 27.

Deputy Chief Minister Nimmakayala Rajappa and TDP State President K.Kala Venkatrao performed bhoomi puja at AU Engineering College Grounds to mark the beginning of preparatory works for the three-day plenary.

Representatives of various student associations raised their objection over allowing a political meet on the premises of the AU against the government orders issued earlier by the AP State Council for Higher Education.

The Council issued an order in 2015 that educational institutes shall not give permission to use their premises for holding political or religious events.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, Rajappa said that they obtained necessary permission from the Higher Education Council.

“AU students are on summer vacation and there would not be any disturbance to students,” he added.

The annual meet is expected to host about 20,000 delegates representing various committees and is planning to pass 14 resolutions concerning various issues. They meet will have a discussion on devising a strategy to strengthening the party both in AP and TS and also at national level.

MLC MVSS Murthi, MLAs Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu, Vasupalli Ganesh Kumar were among others were present at the occasion.

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TDP Eyes Two More MLAs; Planning Defections at Mahanadu

The ruling TDP is learned to have set its eyes on two more MLAs from Srikakulam. The party is now trying to rope in Rajam MLA Kambala Jogulu and Palakonda MLA V Kalavathi.

Amaravati: The defection of the legislators from the opposition party YSR Congress seems to continue further in Andhra Pradesh. The ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) had now set its eyes on Rajam MLA Kambala Jogulu and Palakonda MLA V Kalavathi, who are losing their importance with Jagan Mohan Reddy these days.

The sources said that Jagan Mohan Reddy is unhappy with the performance of these two legislators and has already asked them to change their style. This is said to have irked the legislators to send feelers to TDP leadership, particularly TDP AP president and Minister K Kala Venkata Rao.

The sources said that Kala Venkata Rao already held the first round of talks with the two legislators last week in Visakhapatnam. In all likelihood, the two MLAs will join the ruling party’s bandwagon at the TDP’s Mahanadu in Visakhapatnam to be held from May 27.

With the two likely crossovers from the YSR Congress to the ruling TDP, the number of defections from AP Assembly is likely to reach 23. The YSR Congress has already lost 21 of its MLAs who have joined the ruling TDP in different phases during 2016.

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Lokesh is a Twitters Bird : Talasani

HYDERABAD: Accusing AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of amassing wealth for his family and not for the state, Commercial Taxes Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav today slammed the former for his meaningless remarks against the TRS Government.

Talking to media here on Friday, Yadav said the so-called Mahanadu was meant to shower praises on Naidu and his son Lokesh, who is a twitters bird. He expressed displeasure over Naidu not leaving Hyderabad even after a year and abstained from making it to new capital in Andhra region.

Asking Naidu whether he saw his own image in the mirror any time, Yadav alleged that Naidu built Hitec City along with Heritage Company and earned wealth, besides purchasing assets in Madhapur and Kondapur.

In a lighter vein, Yadav asked whether Naidu created Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills. He also alleged that Naidu was indulging in making wild remarks against the TRS leaders and Telangana Government.

The Telangana minister also asked Naidu to reveal how much wealth he got for AP development, so far. He ridiculed Naidu for repeatedly claiming to have developed Hyderabad, which was already developed by all other chief ministers.

“The TDP should refrain from making derogatory remarks against the TRS Government”, he suggested. (NSS)

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TDP Protected Communal Harmony in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu here on Friday asserted that it was the TDP Government in undivided AP that protected communal harmony and maintained law and order.

Speaking on the resolution on law and order situation in Andhra Pradesh at party held Mahanadu on the third day at Gandipet here, Naidu said the credit for maintaining communal harmony in Hyderabad goes to TDP government only during its tenure.

Criticising Congress rule in the state, Naidu said the erstwhile Cognress Government had utterly failed to maintain law and order during its 10-year rule. During late YSR regime, the TDP lost a prominent leader like Paritala Ravi, he said. He also alleged that red scandal smugglers have nexus with YSRCP leaders.

The AP Chief Minister warned that stern action would be initiated if anybody tried to violate law and order in AP, as peace is the main instrument of development in any State.

To celebrate Godavari Pushkarams in Andhra Pradesh, work was going on feverishly, he said, adding that out of 268 pushkarghats, work has been completed at 248 ghats. He appealed to the people of both Telugu states to celebrate Godavari puskarams enthusiastically.  (NSS)

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Bharat Ratna to Late NTR: Mahanadu Urges Center

  • NTR statue as Lord Sri Krishna

HYDERABAD:  TDP president and AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu urged the center to confer “Bharat Ratna” on TDP founder and former chief minister, late N T Rama Rao, who had created history in the Indian politics.

Addressing the party cadre on the second day of Mahanadu at Gandipet here, Naidu said NTR had brought about revolution in agriculture and created history in political field and strove for bringing about unity among opposition parties and brought them on to a single platform.

The Mahanadu passed a resolution urging the center to confer Bharat Ratna Award posthumously to late NTR.

In the resolution, it was also decided to set up a statue of NTR as “Lord Srikrishna” on the banks of the river Godavari. NTR had even begged to help people when Rayalaseema region faced severe drought, the resolution stated.

Naidu said “Dhoti and Sari” scheme would be named as “NTR Dhoti and Sari” scheme for which the TDP Government would allocate 400 crore rupees to help the weavers. Dhotis and saris would be bought from the weavers for distribution among the people under the scheme. NTR always worked for uplift of downtrodden sections and brought recognition to Telugu people in the world arena, he said.

Hindupur MLA and son of late NTR, Nandamuri Balkrishna and Union Minister Pusapati Ashok Gajapati Raju also spoke recalling exemplary services of NTR. (NSS)

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Naidu Lashes Out at KCR and Jagan at Mahanadu

HYDERABAD: Launching a blitzkrieg at TRS and YSRCP, Naidu accused them of coming in the way of development of the residual state, instead of extending cooperation.

Naidu stuck to his guns saying he adopted a strategy for development of two Telugu states. Though the political parties do politics, they should resolve the common issues through discussions for development and welfare of the people, which are key policies of the TDP, he declared.

Turning the tables on his Telangana counterpart Chandrasekhar Rao for trying to take potshots at the TDP, he expressed discontent at the previous Congress Government at the center for unplanned bifurcation that led his State into a deep financial crisis. Naidu threw a challenge to KCR for a debate on Hyderabad development, which helped Telangana become a surplus state.

Making it clear that he is for the welfare of both the states, Naidu maintained that he was pressing the center for the development of both the states as and when he is in the national capital. “Let us sit across the table and find amicable solutions to key issues instead of raking up the issues and expressing differences that are of no use, he suggested.

Naidu also said that besides extending support to statehood for Telangana, the TD requested the previous Congress regime to do justice to residual AP, which is now facing a severe financial crisis and many other problems, he said.

“Though the Congress tried to dump us in both the states, bifurcation blues threw it in the doldrums and bit dust in the two states”, he said extending gratitude to TDP leaders and workers for being with the party.

Naidu also lashed out at YSRCP Chief and Leader of the opposition Jaganmohan Reddy for causing hurdles in the development of the new capital on the land acquisition and related works for politics. However, he warned Reddy of dire consequences for his alleged association with red sanders smugglers. “Jagan failed to respond on the issue as he has connection with such criminal elements”, he charged. (NSS)

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