Naidu is known for Back Stabbings : Kadiam Srihari

HYDERABAD: Newly elected MLC and Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari alleged that the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidua��s life was full of transactions and back stabbings.

Speaking to the media at the TRSLP Office here on Thursday, Srihari said that Naidu was the first person who raised the curtains to the a�?transactionsa�� culture in politics.

a�?Naidu speaks ethics, but indulges in conspiraciesa�? he alleged and said that Naidu has the habit of speaking something behind the screen and differently in front of the screen.

Naidu was hatching conspiracies to obstruct the development programs taken up by Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao for the state and people, he said and alleged that the TDP leaders were speaking shamelessly even though their leader Revanth was caught red-handedly while bribing nominated MLA Stephenson.

Srihari made it clear that Revanth Reddy uttered Naidua��s name many times in the vote-for-note episode. He questioned Naidu as to why he failed to condemn it and declare that he has no relation with the episode. He pulled up Naidu questioning as to why the latter was not daring to condemn the issue and alleged that Naidu himself planned this episode. (NSS)

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