Naidu Deceiving People in the Name of Deeksha : Ramachandraiah

HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh senior Congress Leader Ramachandraiah has alleged that the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu was trying to deceive the people in the name of ‘Nava Nirmana Deeksha’ on June 2.

Speaking to the media at Indira Bhavan here on Saturday along with Thulasi Reddy and Goutham, Ramachandraiah said that the chief minister has to take an all-party committee to Delhi to take up Deeksha in front of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh demanding a special status to Andhra Pradesh State.

He alleged that the center did not believe Naidu, and hence, it allotted a mere 100 crore rupees for the construction of Polavaram Project. Finding fault with Naidu for stating that Telangana State was created because of his letter, Ramachandraiah said that it was not proper for Naidu to say that the center had created Telangana State within half-an-hour in the Parliament.

Pointing out to babu’s statement that the state was facing financial problems, Ramachandraiah said that the government has to prepare its priorities. The government has to take up people centric problems instead of taking capital city issue presently, he said, and alleged that the chief minister and his sycophants were chanting ‘Capital City’ everyday at the cost of all problems faced by the people.

Questioning as to what   Naidu has achieved in his one-year rule, Ramachandraiah alleged that the people were facing serious drinking-water problem, and the government was least bothered about it.

“Chandrababu has not even constructed a small building in the last one year. Chandrababu did nothing to the people and was trying to benefit his sycophants in the name of capital city”, he alleged.

Taking serious objection at Naidu finding fault with the Shivaramakrishna Committee appointed for the selection of the capital city, Ramachandraiah said that Shivaramakrishna Committee placed facts in its report, but Chandrababu is not in a position to listen to the committee’s opinion, as he wants to benefit his followers, he said.

Reiterating that Chandrababu was making Andhra Pradesh people scapegoats, Ramachandraiah said that it is not proper for the ruling party to take up Deekshas.

“Is the Deeksha against the center,” he questioned and said that Chandrababu was in alliance with the BJP in the state and at the center, and it was not proper for him to make unnecessary statements. (NSS)

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