Naidu Bought Votes: Jagan Reacts On MLC Results

Amaravati: TDP won all the three MLC seats from the districts which are strongholds of YSRCP, Kadapa, Kurnool and Nellore. Major surprise and big loss for YSRCP is defeat in Kadapa which is a pocket borough of YSR family. YSR family is winning most of the seats in this bastion from MP to MPPS for the past four decades.

Addressing media on this results, Jagan said ruling party used Power and moneybags to win MLC elections. CM resorted the win by buying votes instead of protecting democracy, jagan alleged. He further said that Chandra babu Naidu became expert in buying; he did the same thing in Telangana and now in Andhra Pradesh. Is the win with money a genuine win? Jagan questioned.

In the prestigious seat of Kadapa, YSRCP fielded YS Vivekananda Reddy, uncle of Jagan against Ravindranath of TDP. Both parties took it prestigiously. Minister of Human Resources Ghanta Srinivas Rao monitored the situation until last minute on behalf of the ruling party. He was appreciated by CM after results were announced.

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