Naidu Assures Reservations To Kapus

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu assured the agitated Kapu community that they would be granted reservations without hurting the interests of BCs.

Visakhapatnam: Telugu Desam national president and Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu announced his resolve to grant reservations to Kapus without causing any damage to the Backward Castesa�� quota. As soon as Manjunatha Commission submits its report, the government would finalise reservations amicable to all, he assured on the third day of Mahanadu on Monday in Visakhapatnam while summing up a discussion on welfare policies being implemented to various sections of the people of AP. Chandrababu Naidu maintained that it was his responsibility to ensure no social group was politically oppressed and subjected to discrimination.

As for technological advancement, Naidu said life was made easy with the kind of applications (mobile) smart phones unfolded. He urged all the people to buy smart phones that would immensely help them in finding immediate solutions to their problems. He envisaged digital classrooms in government schools, drones for surveillance of reservoirs and other water bodies, sensors for weather forecasting, pocket cameras for police and apps to advise farmers as to which crop is beneficial to them in that particular season. Referring to Delhi CM Kejriwal, he attributed social media for his becoming the CM of Delhi for the first time. He lost in the subsequent election since he lacked originality, he observed. a�?Telugu Desam has originality and the ability use social media,a�? he felt.

a�?Drones May Be Used For Transporting Bombsa��

a�?For fear of being used for transporting bombs through drones, I limit the use of drones to government services only,a�? he said in a lighter vein. While laying emphasis on employing technology in all the fields, he issued a word of caution to the cadre. a�?Personal touch plays as much important role as that of technology. One must keep this in mind,a�? he said.

Police need to get rid of their old practice of using rough language with people. Police will be given miniature cameras which can be fastened to their shirts. Every conversation would be recorded, even that of complainant, he said in another light-hearted moment.

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