Naidu Accuses Jagan Of Spreading Rumours

As the Nandyal by-election is fast approaching, AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who was in Nandyal for campaign, accused the opposition leader of spreading rumours against him.

Nandyal:  The election atmosphere at Nandyal is heated up as the poll day is fast approaching with ruling and opposition party leaders accusing each other with severest and sometimes derogatory phrases.

In this context, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu attacked opposition leader and the YSRCP Chief Jagan Mohan Reddy over his recent statement that it would not be wrong if Naidu is gunned down on the streets.

Naidu was campaigning in Nandyal on Saturday. Saying that he has been working hard for the sake of the people and government, Naidu asserted that he doesn’t deserve to be shot, hanged or ripped off. He accused Jagan Reddy of making false allegations against him.

Speaking at the campaign, he claimed that the victory would be theirs. Claiming that Telugu Desam Party (TDP) stands for development and welfare of minorities, he said that he has been working hard for the sake of the people and the state.

“Do you want me to be shot, hanged, to be ripped off?” he asked.

He alleged that the opposition is making false accusations against him and his government throughout the campaign. He accused that YSRCP chief has been lying. The opposition leaders are acting like demons and spreading rumours among his supporters.

Naidu was replying to the statement made by Jagan that he failed to implement a single promise made to various sections during elections.

Both the ruling and the opposition leaders who have taken the election as a challenge and as an issue of prestige have been vigorously campaigning. Both the leaders are campaigning in Nandyal. The election will take place on Wednesday.

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